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Rotation Radar
by Death Pedals
Punk, Noise rock, Psychedelic
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
Green Desert
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Stoner rock, Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
Zoroaster, Karma To Burn, Earthless
Green Desert is a trio hailing from Mulheim Germany. Dawn is their first EP released which was pulled together from previous material. We found this to be apparent as the four tracks are distinctly different and feel more like a collection than an album concept that perhaps offers up a bit more consistency and flow. That being said, the trio has some impressive talent particularly in their patient delivery and dramatic contrasts. Dawn in quite laid back and the four tracks spanning close to 30 minutes really give you a good flavor for the the talents of Green Desert.

Track Listing:
1. Dawn (7:16)
2. Transcendence (8:41)
3. XIII (7:22)
4. Long Gone (6:43)

What is the standout track?
All four tracks have elements of stoner and psychedelic rock. "Transcendence" shines through as the most elaborate endeavor taking us through soft lands with soft smoke filled inducement. Monotone trance-like vocals create a beautiful backdrop for Fabian’s majestic compelling fretwork. This one builds beautifully and reminds us of Electric Wizard all polished up for a recital.

Any oddball moments or tracks?
"Long Gone" appears to be an instrumental track from when the band was still undecided as to their direction. The track hits more psychedelic nerves and feels like David Gilmour’s endeavor into the soundtrack/post rock world.

What adult beverage do we recommend with this album?
No question this debut demo EP deserves a nice Hofbrau 12 Pack Variety Pack containing 4 bottles of each: Hofbrau Original, Hofbrau Hefeweizen, and Hofbrau Dunkel. Enjoy the authenic taste of Munich in this variety pack much akin to these 4 diverse tracks.

Band Members:
Fabian - Gitarre/Bass/Vocals/Bart
Alex - Drums/Vocals
Fabian - Bass/Gitarre

Final Thoughts.
Green Desert have some very promising talents. We enjoy Dawn and often find ourselves throwing on individual tracks versus the entire album. We very much look forward the the band cranking out some new material in perhaps more of a conceptual or cohesive manner. Dawn is certainly well worth your time as we suggest throwing this one in heavy rotation. - 11/6/2017

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