Green Elder
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Neo folk
Sounds Like:
:novemthree:, Arrowwood
Green Elder is a neofolk project based out of the mountains of Tennessee. Paul Ravenwood  who spearheads this project, combines various styles of folk such as; Appalachian, Celtic, and traditional folk influences. “This album is dedicated to autumn. A time of transition mixed with the beauty of change and the sadness of death. Of final harvests and preparation for the coming winter. Moments of final maturity also mark the beginning of decline and the beautiful truth that all things must rise and fall.” This statement from Paul pretty much sums up the feel of the album as it is meant to explore the natural beauty of the Earth.

This album has a sense of loneliness about it. Picture yourself on an early morning Autumn hiking excursion alone. The weather is brisk, the leaves have all fallen and the crunching sounds of leaves beneath your feet is comforting, you are at peace, or at least away from everyday life for a moment. Now is the time to break out your ipod and play some Green Elder, it just fits.
Much of the music is similar on Home, with the exception of a few break-out moments. The dark, lonesome acoustics are calming while the soft vocals that are nested beautifully among the folk music. One of the albums highlights is track two, “Autumn's Golden Path.” It features an echoed banjo, soft chimes and low-toned whistles, a very beautifully written track. Things start to pick up a bit on “Carving Life onto Monoliths” where we are treated to some uplifting acoustics. Track seven, “Reel of Cernunnos” is a nature’s delight with the simple acoustics and sounds of birds as well as some Japanese influenced flutes. The last song “Wildness” is terrific with its melancholy rhythm and could be a perfect track to be featured in the movie Into the Wild.

Elder Green is a comforting band with a dark and lonesome folk aura. Pick this one up if you’re in a reflective somber state of mind, than work your way back to their previous two releases. - 11/30/2015

Track List:
1. Prayer to Mother 06:02
2. Autumn's Golden Path 08:01
3. Carving Life onto Monoliths 04:46
4. Of Hardwood and Seed (A Sapling's Heart) 08:39
5. Wandering Meadows 04:51
6. Liber 05:11
7. Reel of Cernunnos 03:27
8.  Wildness 04:02

Standout Tracks: Carving Life onto Monoliths, Wildness, Autumn's Golden Path
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