Group 1850
(Paradise Now)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Psychedelic rock, Progressive
Sounds Like:
Brianticket, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Pink Floyd
Every once in a while we like to go back in time and revisit some lost treasures. Group 1850 is one of these treasures, as their second release is a 36 minute psychedelic journey worth the trip. Our trip takes us to the Netherlands in 1969 where, Group 1850 was born and released Paradise Now. The band consisted of five musicians who knew how to take the elements of blues and psychedelic rock and form a trippy spaced-out album.

Opening the album is "Paradise Now," we are introduced to a soft organ note than leading into a mid-tempo, Deep Purple-ish style groove. With soft echoed vocals that are seeded into the music; they never standout too much nor are they hidden and it doesn’t change much throughout the album. He may not be the greatest vocalist, but they fit amongst the music very well. On the next track, "Friday I’m Free," the percussion and bass help ground the song as the guitarist seems to be on his own planet, it’s a very nice contrast.

"Hunger" is one of the standout tracks here; it’s full of lengthy jams that will knock you back to the 60’s. Tracks 4-6 are more experimental instrumentals, with flutes and piano in the mix now. They are short songs, never going over two minutes, so it doesn’t take away from the album; they knew when to cut the cord. The mesmerizing "?!" will have you in its trance for the full 7:10, very psychedelic arrangements going on here. The albums closer “Purple Sky” is an 11 minute juggernaut. The drum solo half way through the song is impressive; they probably extended this at their live shows to about half an hour. After this solo, the album just drifts on to a fitting ending. And now were back to present day... bummer.

Group 1850 definitely helped pioneer the psychedelic rock revolution in some way, even though they didn’t have much commercial success. Just listen to stoner rock legends Monster Magnets' debut, Spins of God, you will hear some influences here, it's just a bit heavier. All three of their albums are worth a listen, so, buckle up and join us for this worthy trip to Paradise, Now. - 2/23/2014

Standout Tracks: Hunger, Purple Sky
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