Guerilla Toss
Gay Disco
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Noise rock, Experimental, Punk
Sounds Like:
The Sediment Club, Melt Banana, The Scissor Girls
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Music fans that may not be familiar with the noise rock scene should consider Guerrilla Toss as a potential entrée into this bizarre world of music. The Boston five piece band incorporates all the fundamental characteristics of noise rock particularly with a myriad of atonality and dissonance. Gay Disco is loaded with avant-garde influences, harrowing female screeching vocals and chaotic percussion/keyboards. The pace is frenzied and disturbing and may cause heart palpitations, nausea, and high blood pressure. If you plan on taking on the album in one sitting, be prepared for sensory overload.

Track Listing:

1. Trash Bed - 4:42
2. Pink Elephant - 4:40
3. Operate - 6:07
4. Sugar Better - 4:48
5. Club Kids - 5:10
6. Gay Disco - 3:58

The first tracks "Trash Bed" kicks in with some intense cow bell and aggressive bass. We hear math rock change-ups all throughout along with hints of Diamanda Galas-like gut screams. The song also evokes hints of the Rapture and their talented album Echoes. "Pink Elephant" follows providing us a bit more in the way of melody as Kassie Carlson barks out nursery rhyme like chantssuch as "Mary Mary quite contrary” and the song does have some structure with its funky bass grooves and pointed synthesizer work. Bring on "Operate" really trying the listener's patience with piercing broadcast signals and epileptic psychodrama. Guitarists Hanes and Shafiee go back and forth with dueling riffs of angst throughout the album. While the song lengths appear modest, they tend to feel like an eternity on the last three tracks. This is where the attempt to give a full listen in one sitting is down right exhausting. You will want to calm your ear drums with perhaps some soothing Vangelis or John Denver. Ultimately, Gay Disco becomes an onslaught of abrasive tempo changes and noise that really overstays its welcome at about track 4.

Gay Disco is certainly not for the faint of heart. We have read that the band intends to develop the first operatic live porn show. It would not surprise us if their live shows are entertaining and providing that over-the-top cringing appeal. Opera porn could be their next phase and it would not startle us if this catches some momentum in the near future. If anything perhaps you pick-up this album and listen in small doses. At least you can expose your ears of what may be in store for one of their intriguing live shows. - 2/17/2014

Standout Tracks:
Trash Bed, Pink Elephant
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