Gunpowder Gray
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Cock rock
Sounds Like:
Faster Pussycat, Tora Tora, Bang Tango
Caution: this album contains song titles with silly misspelled words such as "Cummin" and "Outta,"but wait that is not all. It also contains one of the biggest taboos in the land, not only the band name and a self-titled album but a self-titled song to boot. Yes, track 1 is "Gunpowder Gray" as well.  Clearly they are very proud of their cool band name. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia please welcome Gunpowder Gray and their self-titled debut album. Hanging on a thread to the 90's tight leather pants and flowing hair ways lead singer Nate Godbee conjures thoughts of Axl Rose (Guns N Roses) meets Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat).

In all honesty, Nate has pretty good pipes and can hit the Axl octaves. Throughout the album we hear quite a few elongated screams that are cause for pause. We want to give GG credit for attempting to revitalize all that is 90's cheese metal. This album is loaded with classic antics such as Nate's pre-empting the guitar solo by saying "guitar". There are also several "Ow" chants along with a few subliminal "yowzers". We know they were thinking hard about throwing a "yowzer" or two in there. We even think there is some rhythmic clapping on a track as well (although to be frank we are too lazy to identify for you which track that was). Ultimately, Gunpowder Gray have put forth an album that sounds like seven cover tunes being played at your local dive bar.

We would be lying if we did not admit this album was entertaining while in rotation. In fact, we would love to catch these guys live some day along with a few Busch Lights in hand. Gunpowder Gray achieves some nostalgic laughs with this one, but that is as far as it goes. We commend GG for their love of 90's cock rock, but can't possibly see longevity here.  In a few years I am guessing we may see GG playing their 9 pm slot every Thursday at McCormicks Bar & Grille. Hopefully the banner behind them will contain the cool album art... don't give up on that one. - 10/9/2014

1. Gunpowder Gray
2. Cummin' My Way
3. Outta Sight
4. Under the Gun
5. Dancing With Death
6. Cut Me Out
7. Saints

Standout Tracks:
Outta Sight (just because of the clapping)
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