Harmon Den
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Post rock, Ambient post-rock
Sounds Like:
Shipwrecks, Legendary Skies, Ephemeral
Are you looking for a very mellow post-rock album that will impress you sonically and test the lower depths of your speakers? Well we recommend you take deepcold along with you if you are in the market to purchase speakers. It will certainly weed out the weak speakers in a way many albums would not. deepcold is a disturbing instrumental piece that is about as somber as you can get. Aptly named this album paints images of a truly frigid and desolate day and is loaded with crisp and subtle moments.

deepcold was created from the mind and craftsmanship of Adam Norris, the four track EP flows beautifully keeping to its theme. Adam’s other gig is with the band Ephemeral, a full-blown post-rock band with all the accoutrements. Adam’s vision includes just a bass, looper and reverb patch. This is Harmon Den’s third release ad we highly recommend you checkout the other releases (Kaleidoscope and Rest/Restless).

Track listing:

1. a l p e n g l o w (4:38)
2. o n d i n g (4:19)
3. p u r g a (4:27)
4. s a s t r u g a (3:09)

Is there a standout track?
"purga" is our favorite track. The meandering intro bleeds into some very poignant melodies. Mind you this album needs to be listened from start to finish without interruption and there should be no piecemeal downloads. To boot this is currently a ‘name your price’ download on BandCamp.

What adult beverage do we suggest accompany this album?
Counter the cold frost with a Hot Apple Ginger Toddy. Contains: chunks of the spicy ginger root are perfect paired with lemon, apples, honey, and a strong helping of whiskey or applejack.

What are out Final thoughts for deepcold?
There is certainly no lack for post-rock production out there. Within our sound laboratories we often strain to distinguish one from another. Counter that with the freshness of Harmon Den and their simple minimalistic sound. We hate the saying but sometimes less is more. Truly the case here as the journey Adam takes us on is filled with soft but impactful moments and an infusion of ambient influence. deepcold needs to be in your music library and will be an album that will help you disconnect from the world and perhaps nestle up against a nice fire to counter the atmosphere that it delivers. - 1/16/2017

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