Hesus Attor
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Progressive metal, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, System of a Down
We have no doubt Hesus Attor have been heavily influenced by Mike Patton and System Of A Down, especially on their latter albums when they introduced vocals. The band from Rijeka, Croatia has released six albums to date. Their first two, Monade i dišpeti​.​.​. Trials & Tribulations (2003) and Vamonos Todos (2005) were basically extreme instrumental progressive metal sludge. In 2006 they released Green Feathers and Canaries, and this album took a turn in style, it can be best described as Progressive metal meets what they call cabaret rock. This is also where they introduced vocals which are very heavy on Mike Patton oddities and Serj Tankian operatic metal style. The next two Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1 (2008) and Señorai (2011) took the style of the previous album a step further to a more hyperactive style of metal. The Mr. Bungle influence is very apparent on both these albums.

2013 saw the release of their latest album Pardon and this one picks up where they left off. However, they tend to add a bit more variety from jazz, funk and 80s synths. We definitely hear heavy influences from Mr. Bungle and Faith No More to System of a Down. Since the album is all over the place in terms of bouncing back and forth between multiple genres, it’s nearly impossible to break this one down on a song by song basis, so we’ll just give you the highlights.

Band Members:
El Cathedralico - vocals
Juan Pablo Pe De Rigad - guitar
Senor Jose Drastic - bass guitar
Pedro De Carbon – drums

Track Listing:
1. Pardon (3:28)
2. Into The Blast (3:42)
3. Apocalipsis Alternativa (4:03)
4. Elementaler (3:34)
5. Next Year Apocalypse (1:54)
6. Introduction Song (4:10)
7. Bezvezel (3:41)
8. Odrezi narezi zarezi (1:42)
9. Fahrenheit S.O.S. (01:11)
10. Program Interrupt (1:54)
11. Bombono Vox (4:14)
12. Petrosimul Part 2 (4:41)

is such a mixed bag you just need to throw this one against the wall and see what sticks with you. The opening title track is the perfect song to acclimate your brain, it’s very unique and somehow sticks with you. Track four “Elementaler” is a highly entertaining song. The first 30 seconds starts in speed metal mode than drops off to sudden bag pipes… yes bag pipes. From here it’s just a whirlwind of fun with early Faith No More metal vibes and yodeling which resembles “Focus” by Hocus Pocus. They even get a little deranged towards the end as singer El Cathedralico sounds like Fred Schneider of The B-52's fame or even the vocalist from the highly obscure band Retard Bus. We were all in agreement that this could be our favorite song on the album. The groove of “Introduction Song” offers some infectious funk, this would go over well at a late night get together after quite a few cocktails. We wanted to like “Bezvezel,” but we couldn’t get past the reggae Cookie Monster vocals in the beginning, yes you read it correctly.

Track seven “Odrezi narezi zarezi” is a bit twisted, but makes for a unique song even though is only 1:42 and “Next Year Apocalypse” is a deranged jazzy instrumental, very unique sounds emanate from these tracks. The last song, “Petrosimul Part 2” is another quality cut with more unusual vocal arrangements and great metal change ups.

Hesus Attor are an unusual bunch and not afraid to get out there and explore. They obviously don’t mind exploiting their influences and taking things a step further. Me must say that the vocals of El Cathedralico are very impressive given who he resembles, it cannot be an easy task to pull off this type of singing. Overall the album is controlled metal chaos, which is a great style, but sometimes it gets a bit too comical for our tastes. We do recommend giving this album a test drive and see where is takes you. - 6/25/2015

Standout Tracks: Elementaler, Petrosimul Part 2
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