(Love and Devotion)
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Dream pop, Electronica
Sounds Like:
Stereophonics, Beach House, Lush
Synthetic to the nth degree is what Heterotic is offering us in their debut album Love & Devotion. The album was made with Logic software via phone app technology. Love and Devotion is infested with high twinged keyboards and abstract bass work that falls woefully flat. The first track, a six minute instrumental kicks off the boredom. Give them points for originality with the intro instrumental, but the piece offers no interesting hooks or depth of sound for the high-end headphone goer.

Track 2, "Blue Lights" features an onslaught of synthesizers and tires very quickly. The next song "Wartime" features some eerie keyboard work and bass pad that subtly gnaws away at your insides. We do get a little taste of guitar chords and tinge of Verve-like vocals on this track. The best song on the album is "Robo Corp", offering up some floating ethereal landscapes that are quite entertaining. Great touch with the angelic chorus. This is by far the stand-out track and is unfortunately the shortest.

Love and Devotion delivers some sensual  moments, but unfortunately is very inconsistent and choppy. Heterotic make attempts at Eightees flare, but fail to gain momentum through their efforts to accomplish too many different sounds. Our interests lie much more with bands such as Stereophonics and Portishead for that ethereal dream pop experience. Grab any album of theirs and you will find dramatic improvements in production, lyrics and song texture. - 4/29/2014

Standout Tracks: Robo Corp
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