Hippie Death Cult
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Stoner rock, Hard rock, Metal
Sounds Like:
Lo-Pan, 1000mods, Dead Quiet
Saturday, August 03, 2019
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the foursome known as Hippie Death Cult have conjured up a smoldering melting pot of heaviness on their debut release 111. It’s a bit difficult to pin this album to one particular genre as it crosses into stoner, psychedelic, grunge, metal and even a tad of doom. Vocalist Ben Jackson possesses a raw bluesy approach and when he digs deep and lets out a guttural scream, we tend to hear a bit of old Chris Cornell from Louder Than Love days. Not only does Ben Jackson kill it on vocals, he also painted this sick album cover. 
Released through Cursed Tongue Records, 111 will gain steam among fans of heavy rock, there is no way they can resist this album. They somehow take a multitude of metal and rock influences and make it work, crafting a unique sound all to themselves. And it seems the more we keep this in rotation, the more we become absorbed.
1. Sanctimonious 05:40
2. Breeder’s Curse 06:09
3. Unborn 08:23
4. Mrtyu 03:20
5. Pigs 05:40
6. Treehugger 04:38
7. Black Snake 09:06
Standout Track(s)
Tough call, for starters we may go with “Pigs”. This track displays trippy vocals with tremendous rhythm. It has an underlying classic metal feel that hits a nerve. “Treehugger “ has a more traditional stoner vibe and perhaps Ben’s best vocal performance as he throws some infectious hooks into the listeners ear.

Adult Beverage Pairing
Lets go with a brew local to Hippie Death Cult. Grab some 3rd Bock from the Sun by Portland’s Sasquatch Brewing. This 9.9% ABV German Weizen yeast shines with notes of bready malt and dark fruit, a boatload of flavors that pair well with 111.
Vocal Performance
9 of 11
Risk of Subwoofer Damage
8.9 of 11
Captivation and Variety
9 of 11
Weight of the Heavy
8.8 of 11
8.4 of 11
Lyrics and Song Structure
8.9 of 11
Fretwork Prowess
8.8 of 11
Overall Album Flow
8.8 of 11
Album Cover Aesthetics
9.7 of 11
Production Value
9.2 of 11
Final Thoughts
What a debut album by the foursome from Oregon, 111 is so rich with heavy influences, yet it sounds original and that’s a tough feat to pull off these days. This album will know doubt add great variety to your heavy collection.
Hippe Death Cult are:
Eddie Brnabic : Guitar
Laura Phillips : Bass
Ryan Moore : Drums
Ben Jackson : Vocals/Keys

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