Holy Mount
(The Drought)
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Psychedelic, Sludge rock
Sounds Like:
Hookworms, Dead Meadow
Wow, what a way to kick off the New Year. These fuckers can play some deep authentic psychedelic spacial rock. Credit to Jesse DeNobrega the album artist who lured us in to preview this one with his amazingly vibrant and unique cover. Hailing from Toronto Canada, the four piece band have released their third full-length entitled The Drought. This album has everything you want from a richly psychedelic piece; majestic arm-lifting cacophony of fuzz toned fretwork coupled with that distant echoey vocal effect. Each track delves very deep into jam mode, but keeps a perfect length to not lose its audience.

Track Listing:
1. Ground Water (:56)
2. Division (5:00)
3. Basalt (5:19)
4. Omni Cide (7:09)
5- Blackened Log (5:42)
6. Blood Cove (6:52)
7. The Drought (7:26)

What are the two most impressive tracks off the album?
"Blood Cove" is shear brilliance. The last two minutes of the track feature some of the coolest shredding and culmination to come across our fine Paradigm speakers this center of the psychedelic world. Swirling fuzz overplayed by some very eerie synth work. The title seems to fit perfectly with the mood that emanates from this track. "Omni Cide" gets our runner up award. McKenzie is incredible on the bass within this track. The depth and intensity will gobble you up. Terrific wah wah pedal work. The deep bass and high pitched fretwork compliment each other so well on this track. Losic brings solitude do a whole new level on this one.

Since we enjoy The Drought, what other album would we recommend you pick-up in addition to this one?
Take a gander at our review of Hookworms Pearl Mystic. While The Drought is a bit more vibrant and features a more diversity, still a great one to pick-up.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?

If you can get your hands on some Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hearts Collide, brewed fresh at the Reinhard Brewing Co in Toronto, you have found the perfect match. Packed with one hell of a punch this one will calm you quickly and whisk you away to the lofty mountains cape ledge. An aged imperial stout with 11% ABV.

Band Members:

Brandon Mckenzie - Bass Guitar
Troy Legree - Drums
Danijel Losic - Guitar, Vocals
Clayton Churcher - Various

What are out Final Thoughts on The Drought?
We think this is a pretty damn good sign for the rest of 2017. To nail an editor’s pick down this early is impressive for us. Holy Mount have a boatload of chemistry and The Drought is a must for any psychedelic fan. Ultimately the foursome display a level of class and crispness lacking amongst many of its psychedelic contemporaries. Holy Mount does not sway from the formula all too much, but they possess a gift of well timed melodies coupled with psychedelic fog and deep sludge. Grab this one for your collection and put it in heavy rotation. - 1/9/2017

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