Hot Nerds
(Strategically Placed Banana)
Turn this to 2.9 of 11
Noise rock, Avante Gard
Sounds Like:
Arab on the Radar, Melt Banana, Harry Pussy
Hot Nerds is a a brand new trio introducing their hot off the press new LP Strategically Placed Banana. Yes the album cover says it all. The band is fueled off of chaotic synthesizers and a shitload of synthetic programmed drums. While the genre is typically not for the sober, we did try hard to match this one up against some of their peers such Melt-Banana for a good foundation of comparison. Where Hot Nerds falls flat on is their ability to change-up and perhaps give the ear a rest. This album is relentless and primarily all at one level of intensity making it very difficult to listen to in one full sitting.
Track Listing:
1. Room One Flatulator
2. Noize
3. Cardiac House Arrest
4. Stuffed Party Animals
5. The Brubeck Counting Institute
6. Emotikanye
7. Freak Da Geek
8. Shock Value On The Rocks
9. 7 Day Blast
10. Legs Over Easy

The opening track “Room One Flatulator” pretty much provides you with what is in store on the following nine songs. A synthesizer that sounds more like a call to arms or futuristic battle cry. Joyner vomits on the vocals, "turds that swing have shit-eating grins"... brilliant. We are a bit tainted here as comedic rock has never struck our fancy, but again we are trying to be objective here and compare to similar folks in the genre.  The next track, weighs in at about 58 seconds and is a about as seizure inducing as you can get.  “I don’t wanna go” repeated about 88 times throughout. The closing track "Legs Over Easy" keeps with the off-key onslaught and is the longest (and perhaps most insipid of the lot).

The one redeeming aspect to this album is that it packs ten songs into just under 20 minutes. This genre tends to understand that the human ear can only take so much. We equate it to those Emergency Broadcast System interruptions we used to experience back in the day. You can only take so much and at some point, you need to either turn the TV off or leave the room. - 6/9/2015

Standout Tracks: Stuffed Party Animals
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