Hugo Race and the True Spirit
(False Idols)
Crank this to 7.7 of 11
Blues, Rock
Sounds Like:
The Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, The Black Swans
Former member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has joined forces with wandering Australian native instrumentalists. Hugo Race and the True Spirit, have created a new invigorating EP entitled False Idols. Hugo hails from Melbourne and is a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter.

Five relatively dark and somber tracks overlaid with Australian naturalistic influences. Deep rich bass drives the songs along with light aborigine acoustics and very stern lyrics.

1. False Idols
- The gritty title track impresses from the get-go. Hugo's vocals remind us of a more cognizant Tom waits. Tons of bass and  driving rhythms really keep movement throughout. The track is very intense and brooding.

2. Poor Boy
- This track is written in a folk lore at tense. Ratchet up the echo and outdoor appeal on this one. Unfortunately the simplistic and repetitive lyrics do you wear on us.

3. Hematite - This track features some rich storytelling in spoken word and deep dark vocals. The string/banjo accompaniment and horns on this track are quite special.

4. Lip Service - Screeching brass section provide a nice backdrop as Hugo strains through the bluesy verses. This track has an interesting feel as it pulls you into a psychedelic and bluesy corner. This track has a bit more sheen and color to it.

5. Magnetic Girl
- Clearly the most bluesy track on the album where slide guitar and distant harmonica collide. This track exudes a nice calming effect.

Overall False Idols is a solid EP. There are a few tiring moments within the five tracks, but the dark aborigine blues provides for an interesting listen. Worth the few bucks to add some diversity to your collection. - 1/17/2016

Standout Tracks:
Lip Service, Magnetic Girl
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