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Hard rock, Math Rock
Sounds Like:
Queens of the Stoneage, Spickle, Don Caballero
Huna from Warsaw, Poland are a 3-piece instrumental outfit that throw down a blend of hard rock with elements of math and stoner rock. Think QOTSA meets Spickle or Don Caballero. Sounds great on paper, but we feel this one gets lost in the shuffle by the overwhelming amount of instrumental bands out there. Huna, however do a good job of entertaining us for a bit as these six tracks have a crisp, heavy edge. After quite a few listens, we felt the album doesn’t branch out much at all as we would love to hear more exploration and contrast.

What are the highlights of the album?
The two tracks that stand out are “Doomfucker, doom” with its infectious toe-tapping rhythm and “Migrena,” which offers some good start-stop action.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
MOA Breakfast beer from New Zealand. This 5.5% (ABV) wheat brew has a mild fruity taste and strong aroma. It’s a decent brew that tasted good, but won’t dazzle the taste buds.

What are our final thoughts for Huna?
Huna has delivered a decent instrumental rock album here. As a whole album, it tends to get repetitive, yet sounds good on a song by song shuffle within your instrumental rock playlist.

1. Cerveza 03:52
2. Alpinist 03:1
3. Migrena 04:06
4. Robot 04:09
5. Doomfucker, doom 04:16
6. Maple 04:13

Band Members:

MichaƂ Ciechan - drums
Bartosz Gil - rythm guitar
Andrzej Gutowski - lead guitar

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