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Tentacle Wizard
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Rotation Radar
by Blue Cheese
Stoner rock, Hard rock
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
Instruments of Torture
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Sounds Like:
Unsane, Reveille, Bloodlet
There is something to be said for a good heartfelt and concise use of the word "fuck". We have been longing for a band and album that bleeds authenticity in their anger and use of the word "fuck". Alas Instruments of Torture hailing from Bristol UK take us back to the 90s where polished well thought out reflections of angst in hardcore and rap crossover reigned. Instruments of Torture have polished their debut self-titled album from 2016 releasing a Redux version that is entertaining as fuck. As is inherent throughout the punk hardcore genre, the album is short in length, in-your-face, and to the point. What we appreciate about Redux is how the album is so genuine with its societal beefs and the power and clarity at which they play makes an immediate impression. This is one of our go to albums when we need to release some tension.

Vocal Performance - 8.5 of 11
Raw and emotional, if you like the vocal works of bands like Sick of it All, Bloodlet or Unsane, this is for you.

Risk of Subwoofer Damage – 9.1 of 11
The passion delivered and infectious ability the album delivers may involuntarily cause a cranking of the dial. Be careful.

Lyrics and Song Structure – 8 of 11
Nothing forced. Well written and powerful heartfelt anger.

Fretwork Prowess – 7.2 of 11

Overall Album Flow – 8 of 11
The infusion of featured rap artists throws off the flow a bit but adds some nice variety. We go back and forth on whether we prefer the primary formula vs the variety.

Contrast – 6.5 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics – 8.8 of 11
The cover is tattoo worthy. Great stuff.

Production Value – 9 of 11
Stellar production on this one, so crank this mother up.

Standout Track(s)
"Sick to Death" delivers some of the best "fucks" you will every hear. Tremendous track holding nothing back.

Beer Pairing
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. Packs a fucking punch at 20% ABV. Feels like a creamy stout and is surprisingly smooth for something so strong.

Lasting Impression
Hardcore fans need this album in their collection. Instruments of Torture have an authenticity that we rarely see these days amongst hardcore bands. They insight fury with something very deep inside. - 12/28/2017

Band Members:
luca brasi

1. Intro 1:17
2. Sick to death 1:51
3. Escape the lies 1:07
4. World gone mad 2:59
5. Warmonger 2:56
6. I.O.T. 0:41
7. Land of the blind 2:24
8. Deadweight ( FT. Teslas ghost and DJ TMB) 1:43
9. Beheading the snake 3:32
10. Heavy metal hard body (FT. Ruste Juxx and DJ TMB) 1:18

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