Jagged Jaw
(Tonight Is)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Indie, Pop
Sounds Like:
Tame Impala, Hooverphonic
Catchy, intelligent and spacious indie pop rock is what Jagged Jaw delivers on their debut album Tonight Is.  Jagged Jaw is the creation of Chicago based talent, Bobby Lord. Recruiting a variety of guests to partake on the album, Lord has created a melodic full-bodied work that infuses retro 90s synth, British pop, to contemporary folk-psychedelia. We hear the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Erasure, Bread, Tame Impala, Hooverphonic, Kinks and Dan Fogelberg. Somehow Jagged Jaw prompts your mind to wander throughout these random talents but view Tonight Is as one cohesive crisp original piece.

1. The Way It Was (3:26)
2. Tonight Is (3:54)
3. Easygoing Life (3:20)
4. NGFIO (3:30)
5. I Was Only (2:43)
6. Get The Girl Out of My Head (3:49)
7. Baby Wants An Answer (3:28)
8. Old Regime (4:13)
9. Might as Well (3:25)
10. Baby's Gone (3:45)
11. Try Something New (5:05)

If we are short on funds what one track should we download?

"Easygoing Life"is a masterful track that blends ironic stressful synths with blissful melodies. It's catchy as all-fuck and will stay with you forcing you to circle back to it. The chorus on this track impresses with some of the best falsetto range we have heard in a long time. We were also floored by "Get the Girl Out of My Head" featuring spacious acoustic guitar with the vibrancy of Radiohead.

If you enjoy Tonight Is, what other album would we recommend you grab?
No question, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular by Hooverphonic. We hear parallels in the full-bodied melodic ways of Jagged Jaw in this one. We have had this one in heavy rotation for many years and it's a must for your collection.

How is the production on Tonight Is?

Tremendous as Lord's previous production talents shine through. This is a headphone delight as the synth work and percussion weave through left and right channels with tremendous balance.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?
The Sunrise Mimosa will do the trick with Jagged Jaw.
1 bottle of white wine, chilled
1 bottle of sweet champagne, chilled
1 container of orange juice, chilled
1 jar of Maraschino Cherries (for garnish)

Combine the wine and champagne into a large pitcher; set aside. To make mimosas: Add two ounces orange juice to each glass then pour over the wine champagne mixture. Add a few drops of grenadine to achieve the red color and garnish with a cherry.

What are our final thoughts for Tonight Is?
There really is a shortage of quality indie pop-rock out there. While MGMT and Tame Impala filled some of the void there has been quite a gap since the 90s. Thankfully we have stumbled upon a hidden talent that we are hoping gains some momentum. Jagged Jaw would be very appealing to the masses if they only knew. Flying under the radar is an understatement for Tonight Is. Grab this one and put it in heavy rotation. - 11/3/2016

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