Joy of Nature
(Two Leaves Left)
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Psychedelic folk, Ambient, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Pink Floyd, Junip, :novemthree:
The Joy of Nature (TJON) is a psychedelic, ambient folk project by the multi-talented musician known as LC. Residing in the Azores, The Joy of Nature has released 14 albums to date, so you can see he has flown under the radar for quite some time now. This project began back in 1999 when the first incarnation of this band was titled The Joy of Nature and Discipline. His music, along with some collaborative efforts captivates us with elements of folk and ambiance to dark psychedelics and minimalist experimentation.

This cd has a limited release of 50 copies with beautiful and unusual packaging. It comes in a black satin package with two leaves made of fish flakes sewn onto the outside and the die-cut of the actual cd case looks amazing. This kind of packaging seems to be a lost art in today’s music. The detail and thought that went behind this is reflective within the music brought forth by LC, his attention to detail is wonderful.

"Inland Empire" starts things off in an unusual, dark manner. It’s a lonesome instrumental that is a bit off-rhythm in an exploratory way and this leads right into "The Girl with the Razor Waiting by the Sea". This song title alone should grab you right away; it’s a complex song even though it has a simplistic aura. The only song we can compare this to is Pink Floyds "Pillow of Winds" from their 1971 album Meddle. Actually much of this album has this early Floyd Meddle feeling, just minus the percussion. The next two songs, "The Locked King" and "Winter is Coming" continue along this path, yet they are a bit trippier. By this point of the album you’ll be grasping for your headphones, as soft as the music is, there is so much going one, making for a terrific headphone experience. Moving onto "Behind the Window," this soft acoustic song with somewhat echoed vocals will lower your blood pressure a few points. The second to last track, the instrumental "Water Never Passes through a River the same Way" is exactly how it sounds; open and exploratory and we actually hear some minimalist feedback technique used here. This leads us to the final track "The Boy with the Gun Waiting by the Sea" and this one is pleasantly dark and sad in nature. we are not sure if this is related to track two, "The Girl with the Razor Waiting by the Sea", either way, this is a very fitting end for this album.

The Joy of Nature is a uniquely dark folk band that has a calming effect. If this album peaks your interest, we strongly recommend you peruse his other works. There is nothing like finding a new artist and discovering they have a whole catalog of intriguing works ahead. - 9/29/2014

Standout Tracks:
Behind the Window, The Locked King, Winter is Coming
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