Juke Joint Pimps
(Boogie the Church Down)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Delta blues, Roots rock
Sounds Like:
RL Burnside, Reverend Peyton, The Black Keys
A delta blues gritty southern rock band hailing from Germany? Yup and you would never know it. Over the last ten years the European rock scene has just exploded taking various American influences and adding their own flavor coupled with sensation work ethic to take things to the next level. Sheer passion and love for a distinct sound and genre. From the pinnacle in Norway to the fantastic emerging rock scene in Spain over to the progressive works in the Netherlands, the talent never ceases to amaze us. There are hundreds of hidden talented bands that deserve our exploration if we only had the time.

The dirty duet and sometimes trio of The Juke Joint Pimps bring forth the humidity and sweat of the Louisiana swamplands to life. Boogie the Church Down includes fourteen tracks that are all consistently good. The band perfects the use of heightened treble miked vocals and periodic muffled tones. An overriding theme throughout the album is gospel in nature and feeds off of salvation looking forth to the heavens. Throughout we are sermoned on 'blues power' with gospel choir undertones, during which an evident obsession regarding the afterlife provide for some nice continuity.

The German duo/trio (we are still not sure) pull this off in more ways than one. They shine in their authentic delivery and knack for spouting out raw grit. Boogie the Church Down is a great headphone experience the mono/AM style on some songs are complimented with very pronounced surround sound effect. Standout tracks include "Boogie 65," "Juke Joint in the Sky" and "King Roland's Prayer". To be frank there is very little drop off from one song to the next. They have the style down and their passion shows in each song making for a very entertaining album.

The key ingredient to delta blues is always a good set of pipes which reigns true with Mighty Mike (Drums, Vocals, Harmonica) further complimented by T-Mans slide happy precision guitar-work. Both leave nothing on the table and give you all there energy into a delta blues album as raw as Muddy Waters. We are big fans of this genre and feel it is vastly underserved. Regardless, this album will be in our rotation for many years to come along with the likes of R. L Burnside and the great Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band. Check all three of these talented artists out! - 5/23/2014

Standout Tracks: Boogie 65, Juke Joint in the Sky
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