June Cleaver and the Steak Knives
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Pop, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Devo, They Might Be Giants, Long Fin Killie
This could be one of the worst vocal performances we have ever heard. There is a big difference between quirky vocals and just flat out bad vocals. The quirky vocals can grow on you assuming the accompaniment is of higher quality. Not only are the vocals vomit inducing, but add to it some annoying low budget guitar and you got problems. At times the lead vocals go for the Les Claypool effect (e.g. track 6 - Terrorists), but fail miserably with there over-exaggerated tones and attempt at comedy.

June Cleaver and the Steak Knives primarily consists of two brothers, Pat and Chris Bradley. The songs are very choppy with zero in the way of standout melodies. The use of an excessive array of instruments actually adds to the annoyance as much seems contrived and overdone. It appears that They Might Be Giants are a big influence as the duo look to load up the album with variety comical bits and unconventional pieces. The only track we find somewhat intriguing (perhaps a 6.5 on the rotation meter) is the six minute plus song "Mr. Wimple". The experimental rock song weaves between acoustic guitar and lazy bass reminding us of Ulan Bator or Long Fin Killie. Contrast this with track 10 "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" which is hands down the worst track on the album. On later tracks Alison Abbruzzi contributes on vocals, an upgrade for sure, but still woefully short of catching our interests.

Tracks include :
1. Necrophilia (3:45)
2. Buried In Deep Cement (1:58)
3. Hurry Up! (3:04)
4. Incandescence (0:37)
5. Hate Song (2:44)
6. Terrorists (2:43)
7. Hypnotic Faux Finish (1:38)
8. Mr. Wimple (6:37)
9. Never See Your Face (0:55)
10. I Can't Believer It's Not Butter (1:20)
11. Chips In The Chocolate Sky (3:36)
12. Brahma Barker (4:52)
13. Sweet Cowboy (3:49)
14. Today Did Not Arrive (4:36)
15. What Will You Do? (3:53)

Bottom line on this one is steer clear. This goes further downhill with each listen. We should stop now or we may drop the rating down even lower. - 6/18/2014

Standout Tracks: Mr. Wimple
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