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Acoustic rock, Indie
Sounds Like:
Manchester Orchestra, Alt J, Elliot Smith
Australian singer-songwriter, Sean Heathcliff, branches out from his former band and shoegaze roots (Snakadaktal) and releases a picturesque EP under the name Kagu that takes you on a 15 minute spacious journey. Heathcliff's voice is soothing and the acoustic and synth blend very well together.

Track Listing:
1. Shadow of the Wind (3:50)
2. Human (3:29)
3. The Misunderstood Judgement of Stones (2:29)
4. Jacob (3:52)

"Shadow of the Wind" is a beautiful minimalist track that provides an Alt-J vibe with containing a chilling and soothing synth backdrop. Intriguing lyrics and vulnerable vocals make for a very poignant four minutes. "Human" is the most upbeat track off the album and we found more appealing after several listens. Perhaps the least 'raw' off the EP, we found ourselves enjoying the synthetic feel and catchy hooks... "you've just gotta go go go go".

"The Misunderstood Judgement of Stones" reminds us of a high-end Phillip Phillips song but stripped down to a Dan Fogelberg-like acoustical sadness. The last track "Jacob" really rounds out the EP for us. A very moving piece with a majestic chorus that may evoke the hard-swallow.

Kagu makes quite the impact in only 15 minutes. Rather become a tease, we found the EP had the perfect balance to quench a little campfire or road trip moment. Heathcliff is a true talent with a damn impressive voice. Thought provoking lyrics and heartfelt moments make for a highly recommended purchase. Grab this one and you will find yourself popping it in during some quite and reflective moments in your life. - 4/16/2015

Standout Tracks: Jacob, Shadow of the Wind
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