(Anatamy of the World)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Prog-rock, Free jazz
Sounds Like:
Emerson Lake and Palmer, Can, Yes
Looking for some modern Prog rock to sink your teeth into? Well look no further than Kalisantrope from Milan, Italy. Their 2014 release entitled Anatomy of the World is an impressive debut that has flown way under the radar. The instrumental trio has brilliantly injected that 70s prog rock feel right into today’s modern sound. Fans of old Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer and even Krautrock legends Can will easily gravitate towards this one.

The music on Anatomy of the World has a free-formed prog rock quality about it. There is also a boatload of jazz-like influences throughout as the band definitely has the passion to explore. The fact that there are no guitars is amazing, you don’t really miss them or even think about the instrument. The synth work is in classic progressive rock form which you will hear right away on the first track “Varroa Destructor”. A mystical opening that will lure you into their entertainingly odd world. The bass and percussion are off in their own realms, yet they tie it all together to make one cohesive sound. The opening cut also has a bit of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe quality, which is a highly underrated album in our book. The second track “Hypophysis” introduces a bit of Krautrock to the mix, the drumming really stands shines on this one.

Moving along to the third track “Holodomor,” the band really starts to show their ability to explore the outer realms of prog rock. It’s a terrific jam that has it all; jazz-like percussion, a steady bass and synths that resemble some classic Deep Purple. The piano on the next cut “Concept Fading” is a nice touch, it takes us away from the synths for a bit and adds a classical music aspect to the album. The last song “She” runs at 8:12 minutes and begins with the monumental sound of a church organ; crank it up as its sound will consume the room. Than the progressive, jazz elements start to come into play. Great cymbal work is found here, in fact all three members are in top form on this track. The bass is deep and rich while the combo of synth and piano is soothing and stimulating, leave us yearning for a bit more.

Kalisantrope has reinvigorated our love for prog rock. We suddenly have the desire to dig into our libraries and break out bands like classic Yes, King Crimson and ELP to name a few. Do yourself a favor and give this album a shot if prog rock is your thing. - 4/12/2016

Band Members:
Alex: drums and percussion
Dave: keyboards & synth
Noemi: bass guitar

Standout Tracks:
She, Concept Fading
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