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Alternative metal
Sounds Like:
Disturbed, Godsmack, Seether
Straight out of New York City we welcome Killcode, an alternative metal band that seem to be picking up some recognition. In their newest self-titled release, they bring down some heavy, groovy metal. This well produced album is filled with crunchy, tasty guitar licks as well as some well-timed acoustics and a strong percussion section to round things off. The vocals are strong and efficient for this style of music; often we hear some over-the-top, excessive straining with other bands, but lead singer Tom Morrissey knows how to rein in his vocals and keep them powerful at the same time. The background vocals also play a role as well, giving the album some depth and likeability.

The track "Still Here" will kick you into next week, with its heavy, catchy rhythm section, as the drums stand out and lead the way. The melodic vocal style of "Hands Up" and "Opium Dogs" show us wide range of vocals that are carried out throughout the album. With songs like "Tied" and "Liberated," this album has a potential to break-out and lure in some alternative metal fans. The acoustics of "The Wrong Side" is well timed, giving us a break from the metal, showing some well needed diversity. We than dive right back into the hard-rockin’ vibe with songs like "Loose," "Shotgun" and "Skitch". Closing the album is the hard charging “6A.M. Again”, a perfect ending to an album that will satisfy those who like their music load and  heavy.

For those of you who are into the metal style of Disturbed and the groove of Godsmack, give Killcode a listen. At some point they will break-out and become a force in the Alternative metal world, were just glad to be here to witness it. - 4/9/2014

Standout Tracks:
Skitch, Liberated
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