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Indie, Rock, Electronica
Sounds Like:
Alt J, Foals, Glass Animals
Kins is a quartet that was originally formed in Australia and now based out of London and Stockholm. Cyclica is their second release following their self-titled and impressive full-length album from 2013. The band features the falsetto and quirky appeal of lead singer Thomas Savage. His vocals are complimented well by a drenching dose of swirling synthesizers and lofty guitar work. Cyclical blends dream-pop and indie rock creating four tracks that flow quite well and provide much texture.

Track Listing:

1. Young (3:11)
Perhaps the most radio friendly track off the EP. An appealing barrage of percussion and subtle syth make for a very emotional piece. We are not clear whether Alt-J sounds like Kins or Kins sounds like Alt-J, but it is nearly impossible not to mention the similarities within this track. The tune is vibrant and entertaining as various change-ups occur keeping the listener very engaged.

2. J. Tito (2:53)
A very mellow track for which synths dominate as the backbone and rich deep bass round-out the fullness to this track. Initially we were a bit indifferent but after the first few listens the track really grows on you after you experience the subtle details involved. Quite the calming effect on this track.

3. Cyclical (4:13)
The mellow sedation continues on Cyclical. Another dreamy track that almost feels like a nice extension of J. Tito. The two tracks could have been combined for a nice 7 minute high blood pressure cure.

4. Little Dancer (8:37)
This is the clear gem and epic track off the EP. A wild trip with various change-ups and several chapters. We found ourselves quite engrossed within the details of this track. Tremendous build-up and brooding bass along with very well timed percussion make for a euphoric experience. Perhaps the darkest and clearly the most impactful track off the EP. The crescendo at the very end gets so intense that the volume contrast if you are listening through headphones almost forces you to adjust downward. A very agitating culmination that really leaves an impression on the listener. The ending is so striking we equate it to a bizarre movie plot ending that forces you to go back and retrace previous scenes.

Cyclical does not attempt to overreach and accomplishes exactly what we had hoped. A concise and entertaining twenty minutes. Ultimately it becomes four tracks that should be listened to in one sitting consecutively to get the full effect.  You can purchase this EP for a few measly bucks and it will certainly compliment your music collection. Bring on the next full-length as this has really wet our appetite. - 8/17/206

Standout Track:
Little Dancer
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