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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Clutch, Scissorfight
It was 2003 in Poughkeepsie, NY when we caught the band Sugar Daddie open up for Clutch at the quaint venue The Chance. We were immediately hooked, the band from Philadelphia took by surprise with their blend of stoner, punk, blues. We saw them a couple more times as they became steady players in our rotation. Their first two albums Hell or High Water and American Rickshaw very much resembled the old, heavier style of Clutch, we somehow think Jean-Paul from Clutch even produced their debut album. While the comparisons were dead on, the band had a certain hook that would drew us in.

Fast forward a few years as singer/guitarist Bill Jenkins and company retooled their vision and from the ashes of Sugar Daddie Kingsnake was born. The same attitude from was still here, but the band took a turn towards a more bluesy rock vibe. After the impressive release of 2013’s One Eyed King of the Blind we now have Resonance, and this one could be the bands’ finest work-to-date. The album has no meandering instrumentals or power solos, it just bleeds of heavy stoner blues and thick, tight rhythms that will grab a hold of you.

What are the highlights of the Resonance?
To be honest, all nine songs are great, so if we must pick a few let’s start with “Preachers of Heresy”. The deep, brooding bass is tremendous along with a dirty, rhythmic vibe. It’s almost impossible not to get hooked onto this tune. “End of Time” is catchy as all shit, just wait til 4:57 into the song… it’s just takes off, looking forward to seeing this one live. The last song “Phoenix” is fucking great, the gruff vocals and heaviness is tremendous. The jam session at the end is on par with any stoner rock song we have heard this year, so crank this one up to 11.

How is the production value?

The production value is excellent as the chemistry between Matt, Brian, Bill and Matt is in top form. The many years these guys have been playing together shines thru and they seem to be pulling away from the Clutch comparisons just a bit.

Does the album art reflect the music?

Somewhat, as visionary as the artwork is, the spaced out x-ray vision of a human can be mistaken for progressive metal if you don’t know the band.

How is the vocal performance?
Bill Jenkins is in top form on this album. His gruff, bluesy style fits perfectly among the music.

What are two words that best describe this album?
Heavy-ass Blues

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Grab yourself some Troegs Hopback Amber Ale and an authentic Philly Cheesesteak and toss this album on, you’ll thank us.

What are our final thoughts on Resonance?

This beast of an album is powerful, very rhythmic and is laced with raw heavy blues. While you may read many reviews out there about how Kingsnake piggybacks the Clutch sound, do not get discouraged and dive into this one headfirst. They are heavily influenced by the heavyweights of Maryland, but make no mistake they have a vibe that is truly their own. We highly recommend this one if heavy blues rock is your thing. - 10/6/2015

1.  Diary of a Bad Man 4:17
2. Evening Blues 3:17
3. Preachers of Heresy 3:46
4. Miss Sorceress 6:47
5. Skeletons 5:44
6. Behind the Sun 3:25
7. Athena 2:56
8. End of Time 7:07
9. Phoenix 5:46

Matt Farnan on drums
Matt Kahn on bass guitar
Brian Merritt on lead guitar
Bill Jenkins on rhythm guitar and vocals

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