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Experimental, Rock
Sounds Like:
Tuatara, Tool, King Crimson
KoMaRa’s debut album pushes the boundaries of creativity by painting a very bizarre and exploratory landscape. The album is a difficult one to put in words. We find ourselves moving into new territories with each listen. The best way to describe the topography that KoMaRa paints is an instrumental journey taking you through a newly discovered planet with many dark mysterious turns. and whirly curve. One that features unique disturbing rhythms, diverse guitar and wildly eccentric horns and electronica.

Track Listing:
1. Dirty Smelly
2. 37 Forms
3. A Collision of Fingerprints
4. She Sat in Black Silt
5. 2CFAC
6. Pasquinade
7. Abraso
8. God Has Left This Place
9. Afterbirth
10. Inciting Incidents

Pat Mastelotto is of King Crimson fame, having been their lead drummer since 1994, Pat delves into this project with an impressive array of experience. The influences of King Crimson are undeniable, yet KoMaRa built  on these influence to create something very fresh. While King Crimson were masters of experimental tangents certain albums did lack fluidity. KoMaRa, on the other hand, deliver a very free flowing and fluid album. Standout tracks include the opener "Dirtly Smelly" where change-ups are wildly impactful as the percussion drops off into a chilling trumpet interlude. "Pasquinade" also hits home with us as a standout track with its atmospheric ambient creativity and jazz infusion, quite a wild trip. Most notably is "Afterbirth" our favorite track featuring some very strong futuristic guitar melodies culminating into a Tool-esque build-up and finish. This is a bizarre heavy exploration and an extremely entertaining track.

All three bandmates take the spotlight throughout this album as percussion, guitar, and trumpet are interwoven and truly at the top of their game. These ten tracks are packed with detail and high-end production. Ultimately the album will get your mind to wander as you get lost in the finer details. There is something to be picked up new and different with each listen. There is no doubt that KoMaRa will add a necessary diversity to your music collection. - 2/8/2016

David Kollar - guitar, bass, electronic textures
Pat Mastelotto - acoustic and electric drums and percussion
Paolo Raineri - trumpet, vocals and audio mangling

Standout Tracks:
Dirty Smelly, Pasquinade
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