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by Death Pedals
Punk, Noise rock, Psychedelic
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
(Mask of Discomfort)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Doom, Death Metal, Psychedelic
Sounds Like:
Herder, Cult of Luna, Oranssi Pazuzu
Let’s get right to the point, Lares totally blew us away on this debut EP. The band from Berlin throw a shit ton of various metal styles at us on Mask of Discomfort. You’ll hear doses of Cult of Luna-like tripiness, fucked up psychedelic doom in vein of Oranssi Pazuzu and even some filthy heaviness like Herder. It’s a whirlwind of psychedelic metal that goes beyond the boundaries of any one particular genre, we even hear traces of Post-metal and death throughout.

What are the highlights of the album?
“The GodMachine” has some really intense rhythms with complimenting echoed and distant vocals. The last minute just spirals downward into some extreme doom territory. “Fog of Terror” and “Conjuring” are killer tracks as well. These two songs show much diversity and are prime examples of how the band forges all these metal styles together.

Do Lares bring anything new to the table in their respective genre?
Yes, they definitely don’t pigeon hole themselves to the doom genre only. Lares seem to love exploring various styles of metal and see where they can take their music, it shows in the songwriting as this is one impressive debut album.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock brewed by Germany’s Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH. This is a strong mother of a brew at 12% (ABV). With a hint of caramel flavor, this dark Eisbock-styled beer is the perfect companion for Mask of Discomfort.

Final thoughts on Mask of Discomfort.
We’ve all been there, the times when you want that heavy album and nothing satisfies you in your collection. We highly recommend Lares as this 34:59 minute EP is very fulfilling when you want some intense and trippy heaviness. - 9/30/2017

1. Swallow You 06:33
2. Fog of Terror 05:29
3. Conjuring 06:26
4. The GodMachine 05:33
5. Mask of Discomfort 05:06
6. Witness of Lares 06:32

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