Larman Clamor
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Alternative, Blues
Sounds Like:
Clutch, RL Burnside, ZZ Top
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Larman Clamor is a unique artist, the name is an alias used by German illustrator Alexander Von Wieding for his musical identity. You may not know the name, but you may recognize his art. He has created many albums covers, from Karma To Burn and Monster Magnet to Mangoo and Trouble, just to name a few and of course, his own album, 2012's Frogs. The artwork reflects the music perfectly, it’s filled with swampy; lo-fi blues songs that are sure to hook you in. His echoed, raspy vocals remind our editors of Tom Wait combined with Mark Lanegan and Billy Gibbons, it’s a dirty, bluesy vibe.

Opening track, "Frogs" starts with lyrics like "Frogs, they keep hunting me, they keep coming into my house…", it’s catchy and engaging. "Seven Slugs O'Mud" is more subdued with snarling vocals in the background. With songs like "The Mudhole Stomp", which introduces us to some tight slide guitar and "Undead Waters", with clapping in the background, they are quite contagious. The soft haunting vocals in "Mine To Grind" is hypnotic and we love the transition into the instrumental, "Potions and Secrets". "Black Cylinder" brings us back to the boogie stomp groove that encapsulates the album.

Frogs successfully expands into uncharted waters from the previous album, Altars To Turn Blood and being only 31 minutes long, it doesn’t overstay its welcome. We look forward to following Alexander Von Wieding career as an artist and musician, as Larman Clamor will add some unique flavor and grit to one’s music collection.

Standout Tracks:
Frogs, Seven Slugs O'Mud
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