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Atmospheric black metal, Shoegaze
Sounds Like:
Locrian, Gnaw Their Tounges
Thursday, April 7, 2016
The combination of black metal and shoegaze should be something of monumental proportions. The two genres can work together beautifully when performed at a high level. Lascar from Santiago, Chile has released an assaulting album of black metal and shoegaze on their third released Absence. The album pretty much stays at one level throughout, never deviating from this formula or changing things up a bit.

From the onset with the opening song “Wilderness,” what you hear is exactly what you’ll get for the entire 34:20, bludgeoning death metal shoegaze that does not let up. The vocals are in typical death metal fashion; they are screechy and placed into the background, making it impossible to understand a lyric. The album does have a massive sound when first played, but the lack of substance wears thin after a few listens. The one gripe we have is the percussion often sounds like a drum machine, especially on the fast tempo arrangements; this aspect of the album is a turn off for us. The one bright spot is the beautiful album art which drew us immediately and will also look great in your playlist. The album basically had an appeal for the first couple listens, but after this, it gets tiring. - 4/8/2016

Track Listing:
1. Wilderness 08:37
2. Atlas 09:30
3. Regions of Light 07:38
4. Last Sea 08:35
Running Time: 34:20

Standout Tracks: None
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