Libido Fuzz
Kaleido Lumo Age
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Psychedelic stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Radio Moscow, Graveyard, Grand Funk Railroad
Tuesday, May 05, 2015
From Bordeaux, France welcome Libido Fuzz and their debut full length Kaleido Lumo Age released from the impressive catalogue of Pink Tank Records. This trio hits us with an album filled with raw psychedelic stoner riffs, heavy blues and downright infectious hooks. The album has traveled many miles during the making as it was recorded in Portugal, than mixed and mastered in Poland. The music has a great analog sound quality and it definitely feels as if it were recorded with a live sound in mind. These guys know how to get right to the point, there are no ballads, long gaps or time wasting endless minutes of feedback happening here, it’s just three band mates churning out unfiltered heavy rock… the way it should be.

Band Members:

Pierre-Alexis Mengual - Guitar/Vocals
Thibault Guezennec - Drums
Rory O'Callaghan – Bass

1. Oblique Strategies
4:35 – The album takes off right from the start. This song is upbeat with heavy, groovy psychedelics sure to capture your attention. The rhythm is downright infectious. The vocals of Pierre-Alexis Mengual are distinct and often sounding like a spaced-out Chris Robinson from Black Crows. His guitar playing is raw and effortless; let’s just say it flows beautifully throughout the album.

2. Raw Animal
3:23 – Another track that is sure to hook you. The rhythm and vocals play off each other very well. The bass and drums provide a strong foundation for the music. The song at times resembles The Black Keys from their earlier years, it gives off a raw bluesy vibe.

3. Redemption of the Bison
8:46 – Great song title, it has a certain strength to it. The music here takes time to develop and the song is allowed to breath. It’s a real psychedelic dense track. This one also has some strong echoed vocals here, which is a big plus in our book. At the three minute mark it just breaks out into an all-out frenzy of Graveyard-like blues, rock jam for a moment. It’s easily one of the best tracks on the album.

4. The Postman 5:41 – Great tribal drumming to begin this one. This song really has some great 70s heavy rock groove and seems to stick with you well after you have listened to the album.

5. Sweet Hours 3:54 – Another catchy tune supported with terrific echoed vocals. The rhythm on this track is great and the Clutch-like guitars pull everything together. This one would be great to hear in concert.

6. Enter the Occult 4:32 – Another intriguing song title. This track is trippy and has a slower pace compared to the other tracks. This song is very smooth and has this heavy relaxed feel.  The vocals seem a bit darker here reflecting the mood of the song and the underlying synths are a real nice touch.

7. Haight Ashbury 8:18 – The album goes out on a good note with this track. Good acoustics can be found on this song and there seems to be an interesting story here. The song ends with some good old psychedelic, stoner jamming and what sounds like birds chirping in the background, than leading to a sudden wall of feedback to end.

Libido Fuzz is a real tight band and their brand of psychedelic stoner rock is really infectious. We highly recommend this one, they have enough swagger to put their own stamp on this genre. Make sure pick up the record as well as the sound quality is suited perfectly for vinyl. - 5/5/2015

Standout Tracks:
Enter the Occult, Redemption of the Bison
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