Lonely Wild
(The Sun As It Comes)
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Folk, Indie
Sounds Like:
Fleet Foxes, Gomez, The Civil Wars
Oh no... another contemporary folk harmony duet coming out of the woodwork while the genre is hot? Not so much, as this Los Angeles five-piece band featuring male and female harmonies, set to a folky southwestern backdrop, takes some pretty impressive turns to provide a unique listening experience.

The first self titled track initially sounds like a Fleet Foxes cover band, but after a few minutes the song morphs into a emotional build and vibrant ending. Thereafter, the tracks blend very well together setting a very heartfelt overcast mood. Splashes of Djrango-soundtrack-like riffs and a subtle spaghetti western feel provide for a very solid full length debut. Tracks such as "Everything you Need" and "Buried in the Murder" evoke some of the darker moments. Lyrically the album ties in very well together keeping to the Southwestern gringo feel.

Our editors were very impressed with the intelligent songwriting along with the bands ability to evoke imagery through the use of different instruments infused at the right moment while avoiding excessive use (trumpets, bells, pianos, steel drums, etc.) If you enjoy the genre, but were starting to get tired of the knock-off/ride the coat-tails bands popping up, check out The Lonely Wild. They have put a little refresh back into the genre, and we hope they continue their creative ways on their next project. - 3/15/2013

Standout Tracks: Everything You Need, Over Edgeware
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