Lonker See
Lonker Seessions-Live at Pijana Czapla Olsztyn
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like:
3rd Ear Experience, Tuatara
Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Exploring the world of heavy psychedelic rock can lead towards the unknown while discovering many hidden gems. Our latest discovery leads us towards the jazz-improved and trippy side of psychedelic rock. Welcome the brilliant album, Lonker Seessions / Live at Pijana Czaplaa, Olsztyn by Lonker See from Poland. We listen to a ton of psychedelic rock around here and Lonker See has struck a chord with us. Their music is truly in psychedelic form. The foursome have a knack for mesmerizing the listener at times and keeping us on our toes at others. The best way we can describe their music is take the jazz elements from Tuatara and combine them with instrumental gurus 3rd Ear Experience, it’s quite a unique trip which lead to this album becoming our November album of the month.


Vocal Performance - 8 of 11
The vocals of from bassist Joanna Kucharska and guitarist Bartosz Boro Borowski are soft, drifty and nestled deeply within the music. They are far and few as it’s mostly instrumental.

Risk of Subwoofer Damage – 8.5 of 11
The music is heavy at times with solid bass work and percussion... turn this one up slowly.

Lyrics and Song Structure – 9 of 11
We can’t understand one lyric, but that’s fine, it’s all about the trippy psychedelic atmosphere. The addition if the sax as one of the main instruments really sets them apart in the flooded psych rock genre.

Fretwork Prowess – 7.3 of 11

Overall Album Flow – 8.9 of 11

Contrast – 9 of 11
There is a wide variety of trippy psychedelic jams throughout this album. This cannot be previewed in one sitting.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 8.8 of 11
The cover art designed by Joanna Kucharska is out there and helps create the aura of Lonker See.

Production Value – 9 of 11
Solid production on this one, so crank this mother up. The last track which is a live show sounds great, kudos to the production crew.

Standout Track(s)
The first track “Dark Mother” is very fluent and dark, we love the atmosphere on this song, it sounds like nothing we own. “New Dawn” comes in a close second.

Alcohol Pairing
Szałpiw Buba Extreme Jack Daniels BA from Poland. Rated as one of the best beers in Poland, it pours a thick dark brown with aromas of bourbon, caramel and dark fruit. The taste is malty with hints bourbon and fruit as well.

Lasting Impression
It’s virtually impossible to really get to know this album, we constantly hear new elements with each listen. This album definitely has a lasting appeal, it never gets stale and you will find yourself busting it out when in that introspective mood. - 11/1/2017

Band Members:
Joanna Kucharska - bass, vocal
Bartosz Boro Borowski - guitar, vocal
Michał Gos – drums
Tomasz Gadecki – sax
Guests - Nowa Ziemia and Michał Miegoń in song 4

1. Dark Mother 10:26
2. The Element 08:34
3. Awaking pt.1 & 2 20:00
4. New Dawn (feat. Nowa Ziemia) 19:17
5. Live @ Pijana Czapla, Olsztyn 38:34

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