Loose Buttons
(Sundays With)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Indie, Rock
Sounds Like:
Side Saddle, Eyes On The Shore, The Shins
Lead singer Eric Nizgretsky has an infectious warmth to his vocals. Not quite the levity that Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) brings but a very similar vibe. Eric shows quite the range with pretty dramatic highs and lows on the band's latest EP entitled Sundays With. The New York City ten year plus veterans add a bit more edge and diversity to this latest release. The first two tracks display more aggressive fretwork than previous releases followed by two very reflective and melodic closing tracks.

Track Listing:
1. Tales of What I'm Used To
2. Between Brick Walls
3. Am I The Only Reason?
4. Milk & Roses

What is the standout track?
"Between Brick Walls" sets itself apart as Loose Buttons do a nice job cranking it up a notch. Swirling guitar-work supported by pretty elaborate bass-line work make for a track that will grow on you with each listen. The track's blunt approach make this one an emotional juggernaut.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?
Finback Brewery from Queens NY is cranking out some great stuff. Sunday Fieldtrips 7% ABV is our favorite blend a dry hoppy saison, slightly fruity, spicy and hoppy. Smooth body refreshing and crisp.

How is the production?
Overall a pretty solid job. Enough separation to capture the tremendous bass-work, a decent headphone experience. Recorded at Stone Studio in Lakeville, CT and Transmitter Park Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Produced and Mixed by Ariel Loh. Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering.

What are our final thoughts for Sundays With?
This EP will not lift you up out of the weekend doldrums heading into the workweek. The subject matter of a break-up hits home to all of us and Loose Buttons takes a refreshing approach to acknowledging that time heals. The EP has certainly grown on us and invigorated is to checkout the bands other releases. Overall Loose Buttons has a boatload of chemistry and we hope are around another ten plus years. Put this one in heavy rotation. - 5/19/2017

Band Members:
Eric Nizgretsky
Zack Kantor
Manny Silverstein
Adam Holtzberg
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