Los Acidos
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Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
The Black Angels, Temples
Talk about the perfect color scheme within the album art to lure us in. This album cover alone deserves a purchase on vinyl with a conversion to framed art. Kudos to artist Lex Percepied. Well not only is the color scheme appealing to the eye, but the 10 track full length debut by Los Acidos is quite soothing to the ear. Hailing from Argentina, Los Acidos show tremendous maturity in their love for psychedelic garage rock. The band infuses quite a diverse sound with the infusion of great guitar work, impressive keyboards, and periodic harmonica/brass along with other psychedelic effects. The vocals are not overwhelming and contain just the right amount of echo. The 10 tracks weave together to provide the listener with a unique euphoric trippy endeavor. Los Acidos blend influences from the 60s and current age rock influences that blend a perfect texture.

Track listing:
1- Viajes (3:17)
2- Al Otro Lado (5:54)
3- Excentricidad (4:30)
4- Paseo (3:04)
5- Jinete Psicodélico (3:20)
6- Blusas (3:34)
7- Perfume Fantasma (4:17)
8- El Habla (3:58)
9- Espejos (2:08)
10- Empatia de Cristal (5:54)

If we only had a few bucks what two favorite tracks do we recommend?
"Excentricidad" is our favorite song on the album. Check-out the medieval keyboards that buttress a fucking stellar track. Gentile is brilliant on this track while Piermarini gives you a great flavor for his subtle charisma. This track is a must. A close runner up is "El Habla" perhaps the most euphoric track on the album, we hear influences from Oasis to Fu Manchu (backing vocal effect). A brilliant three minute voyage.

How is the production?
Perfect balance and a fine headphone experience that you look for in a true psychedelic album. Co-produced by the band and Leandro Peirano.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?
The classic Tequila Sunrise goes perfect not only with this album cover but the listening experience as well.

4 oz of Orange Juice
2 oz of Tequila
1/2 oz of Grenadine
Pour the tequila and the orange juice into a highball glass with ice cubes. Stir. Slowly pour the grenadine around the inside edge of the glass, it will sink and slowly rise to mix with the other ingredients naturally. Garnish with the orange slice and cherry.

Miguel Piermarini: Vocals and guitar
Sebastian Gentile: Keyboards and vocals
Javier Foppiano: Percussion
Cesar Tullio: Bass
Rocío Rodriguez: Chorus on the last track

What are our final thoughts for Los Acidos?
We listen to a shit ton of psychedelic bands. What most of them lack is an authenticity. Or better said, a genuine sound that comes from the band members psyche. Los Acidos have that authenticity and interplay that makes up a fine psychedelic album. The heart of what makes Los Acidos special is the chemistry held between Piermarini and Gentile. The backbone being tremendous keyboards and a charismatic lead vocalist. Pick this one up and put it in heavy rotation. It needs to be in your collection and is well deserving of an Editor’s Pick. - 11/29/2016

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