Low Fat Getting High
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Punk, Garage rock
Sounds Like:
Nirvana, Pissed Jeans, Young Widows
Money Fire Records has been spitting out some exciting hardcore/punk bands in 2014, creating a buzz along the East coast. They continue to do so with Brooklyn’s very own Low Fat Getting High. This three-piece band churns out an enthusiastic blend of garage styled punk rock. If you’re a fan of old Nirvana or follow the erratic punk of Pissed Jeans, this is right in your wheelhouse. Their debut Self-Titled album is twelve tracks totaling 28:34 minutes of unfiltered, dirty punk songs with a raw production. We have no doubt this album was written with a live feeling in mind as the music and vocals should thrive in a concert atmosphere.

Track Listing:
1.  Intro - 2:08
2. Start All Over Again - 3:01
3. Don't Believe You Anymore - 2:04
4. No More Feelings - 2:17
5. Bath Salts - 1:34
6. Don't Blame Me - 1:58
7. Hate Them All - 2:08
8. Mint Gum - 2:15
9. Instrumental No. 2 - 2:19
10. Can't See Anymore - 2:44
11. Gunther - 2:54
12. The Car Is Waiting - 3:12

The instrumental beginning starts things off with a soft bass that will tickle your ears for the first 47 seconds. It will than shift into a heavy, somewhat sludgy Melvins-like rhythm, so be prepared to adjust your speakers accordingly. This is just a small taste of what the listener is in for. Following is “Start All Over Again,” one of the best cuts off the album, this track is pure energized garage punk. The vocals have this slight muffled quality about them; they are upfront and raw, giving the album a fuck you attitude, it’s very fitting. This leads us directly into “Don't Believe You Anymore” with no break. This one just hits that raw nerve when you want something fast with rhythmic intensity. “No More Feelings” will stick with you, this song has a catchy vibe as it would make for a great single to release and should be able to draw in fans of punk and garage rock. Now that we are four tracks deep, the one thing we noticed is their ability to keep the music tight while throwing in tons of feedback and going through constant change-ups. The band doesn’t miss a beat, even when the music sounds disordered, it seems intentional and works.

As we move along to track five, “Bath Salts” this one doesn’t let you come up for air, its 1:34 of steady, punk-laced attitude. The next two songs “Don't Blame Me” and “Hate Them All” keep the album moving along at a steadfast pace that we come to expect from the band. On “Mint Gum” the guitars and percussion are very tight and in some way resembles the style from Failure's first album Comfort. “Instrumental No. 2” seems like a continuation of the opening track and gives the listener a moment to breathe and collect themselves for the next three songs. “Can’t See Anymore” has a desperate quality about it. The vocals here are intense with emotion while the music dives into Jesus Lizard territory, a very big plus in our eyes. “Gunther” is another quality track that just takes off after a brief opening from the bass and this leads to the closing song “The Car is Waiting”.  This one is longest track on the album at 3:12, not that it means anything as it is just a useless fact.  It’s a slow-paced song as the drums and bass are the foundation. The brief background vocals are a welcome touch, adding an element we haven’t heard from them yet. Even though this track is not as frantic as the rest of the album, it showcases another side of the band that we like; it’s calmer without losing their edge.

We urge fans of hardcore, punk and garage rock to give these guys a listen. They will no doubt start to gain momentum through touring and word-of-mouth. Also, take a gander at their earlier EP’s as well and visit the catalog of Money Fire Records, they are putting out some impressive shit these days. - 12/2/2014

Standout Tracks: Start All Over Again, Can't See Anymore, Gunther
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