Acqua Alta
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Post rock, Oceanic rock
Sounds Like:
Caspian, Russian Circles, The Ocean
Monday, October 19, 2015
The whole Post-rock genre is flooded with very talented instrumental bands, some go by the way side, others strike gold, and either way the genre has never sounded finer. Now we have the sub-genre of Post-rock titled Oceanic rock which blends ambient soundscapes with post and progressive rock. Welcome MOEWN from Hamburg Germany and their debut release Acqua Alta. The band, whose name is the German word for “Seagull,” may have coined the term Oceanic rock, which suites them perfectly. The music on Acqua Alta balances very well between post and progressive rock. The trio of Tim (Drums), Niko (Bass) and Ben (Guitar) are just about flawless as they have a cohesive direction to where they want to take the band.

It’s not very often we come across an instrumental album that captivates all the way through and does not warrant us to skip to the next track. Actually, the new Mother Engine album Absturz is the only recent instrumental album that comes to mind that has a strong hold on us. These six beautifully written songs are heavy and inspirational, each instrument shines and plays an important role and the production is clean and spot on. So whether it’s cranked up or you go the headphone route, there is always something new to be heard, making for a stimulating musical experience.

Track Listing:
1. Felsendunst 07:37
2. Katamaran 03:32
3. Wolkentürme 04:42
4. Packeis 05:07
5. Dunkelmeer 06:05
6. Schwarzer Frost 08:22

What better way to begin an album than sounds of seagulls at the beach, we were sucked in immediately. Within a minute, the music will start on a positive note, it’s light and bouncy. The song travels through many peaks and valleys of heavy and soft Post-rock with thick rhythms in vein of The Ocean or Russian Circlies. “Katamaran” is next and is very vibrant and steady with an unusual aquatic sounding bass, giving the album some constant heaviness. The next song “Wolkentürme” is so damn inspiring, the contrasts between the highs and lows are tremendous, and the start-stop rhythm is second to none, it’s hard to put in words how good this one is, you must listen to appreciate.

The current keeps flowing at a graceful pace with the next track “Packies.” This song offers more uplifting, yet heavy Post-rock themes, we find ourselves involuntarily reaching for the sky in awe at the 2:50 mark, it’s amazing how an instrumental can bring forth such positive emotions. “Dunkelmeer” shows us the trippier side to the band, the patient guitar and smooth bass tend to seep within the listeners conscious. Than it breaks out into an all-out controlled frenzy of heaviness, it’s a great ending. The last track “Schwarzer Frost” hits on all cylinders, as each instrument is played to perfection; they even touch on a bit of shoegaze here. This song paints colorful soundscapes with terrific peaks and valleys, and to end the song with fading seagull sounds brings it all full circle.

We applaud Pink Tank Records for branching out of the stoner/psych rock medium and signing these guys. The band may be brand spanking new, but they play like seasoned veterans as the music flows effortlessly. At Rotation11, we are all aboard the Oceanic rock genre and we have no doubt that Acqua Alta will be in our top 11 albums of 2015! - 10/19/2015

Standout Tracks: Packeis, Wolkentürme, Felsendunst

Label: Pink Tank Records
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