Till Marijannah
Crank this to 10 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Heavy rock, Doom, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Torche, Kylesa, High on Fire
Monday, March 12, 2018
Prepare to be floored by the debut release from Singapore’s very own Marijannah. The four-piece have dropped a triumphant album that consists of monumental stoner rock and doom. The band consists of members from Singapore’s heavy acts of Wormrot and The Caulfield Cult, so we knew this was going to be a killer album. Marijannah have a formula that takes classic High on Fire doom riffage and forges it with a dense Torche-like stoner trippiness, the album is a melting pot of heaviness. The vocals are distinct and separates the band from their peers. We gravitate towards the clean and uplifting vocal tones, so much of today’s heaviness is overloaded with sludge-like singing that nothing sounds original.

Take a moment to immerse yourself into this album, one listen through will not do it justice. There is a wealth of heavy rhythmic structures that consistently change up and keep the heaviness fresh and vibrant. We must give Pink Tank Records a big hand for signing these guys, they are off to a great 2018, and look out for the vinyl release soon.

Vocal Performance – 10.2 of 11
Clean and rhythmic vocals help elevate the album towards the illustrious Editors Pick rating.

Weight of the Heavy – 10 of 11
Till Marijannah is a heavy album and should test the quality of your speakers.

Lyrics and Song Structure – 9.9 of 11
Constant metal change-ups combined with a steady stoner drive, it’s all here folks.

Fretwork Prowess – 9.8 of 11
The thick and tasty riffs is a thing of beauty.

Overall Album Flow – 10 of 11
Marijannah never stray from their brand of heavy bliss.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 10.5 of 11
The cover art is way out there with vivid colors. Reminding us of a classic Yes album cover by Roger Dean, yet the feel is darker. 

Production Value – 9.8 of 11
The production has a raw quality about it and not over produced, very fitting for the style of music.

Standout Track(s)
“Bride of Mine,” the third cut has a brilliant weighty rhythm, and perfect vocals to match, crank this fucker way up, it sounds incredible.

Alcohol Pairing
Enjoy some Heart of Darkness by Magic Hat Brewery. This 5.7% ABV seasonal stout is a delicious and full-bodied with tastes of bittersweet chocolate and roasted malts.

Lasting Impression 
We’ve had Till Marijannah in rotation for quite some time now and it never gets stale, there is just too much metal diversity. We know it’s early, but this album has potential to land in our top 11 end-of-year list. - 3/13/2018

1. 1974 - 7:01
2. Snakecharmer - 6:27
3. Bride of Mine - 9:03
4. All Hallows' Eve - 6:40

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