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Progressive, Rock
Sounds Like:
Red Sparrowes, Kraftwerk
Maserati, from Georgia, started as a post - math rock instrumental band, all the while exploring new musical territories along the way. Their first album 37:29:24 was released in 2001; it’s filled heavy and engaging rhythms with tight math rock like musicianship. The next couple of releases followed the same pattern, until 2007’s Inventions For The New Season. Here we where hear a more spacious, progressive sound and a less math rock style, it was a welcome change and it took the band to new heights. We see even more change on the albums Passages and Pyramid Of The Sun, by taking the progressive sound and infusing some vintage electronica beats.

Now onto their latest album VII, it’s a creative combination between electronica and progressive rock music; which is quite intriguing. With spacey guitars, a tight percussion, a bass that doesn’t stop and 80’s inspired electronics; Maserati brings forth a hearty psychedelic dance feel on this album. It’s also aggressive, funky and trippy; with top-notch production. The 10 minute "Abracadabracab" embodies all the influences into this one song; it’s a good one to sample. "Eliminator", which resembles a heavy version of Saga’s "On The Loose" is a great song and the transition into "Flashback" is flawless. The other songs here follow the same path as the album starts to sound the a bit repetitive at times.

There are occasions where VII falls a bit flat due to the repetitiveness on a few songs. The repetitiveness does accentuate some points, however, making this an album that may grow on you in the future. We enjoy the boldness of melding 80's synth with progressive rock and there is enough diversity and venturing here to make it a solid road trip album. Also worth checking out the bands previous albums. Very interesting evolution of a band developing its style.

Stand out Track: Abracadabracab
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