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Instrumental, Psychedelic stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Elder, The Myrrors
Psychedelic rock comes in so many forms, whether it’s 60s acid inspired or todays stoner influenced rock, there always seems to be a band that comes along and changes the rules. Matushka, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia play a distinctive blend acid-tinged psychedelic rock with bits of math rock to keep us on our toes. The second album, simply titled II is a trip worth taking. The trio consisting of guitarist Timophey Goryashin, drummer Konstantin Kotov and bassist Maxim Zhuravlev hit on all cylinders on this one. The drumming is consistent, the bass flows effortlessly and the guitars give off a hallucinogenic rhythm, all this culminates into one bad ass trippy psychedelic instrumental album.

1. The Acid Curl's Dance (7:02) – This track has is fluid and holds a resemblance to Don Caballero meets the new style of Elder. Combine this with their psychedelic side and it makes for a great opening track that will peak the listeners interest and have them carry on.

2. As Bartenders and Bouncers Dance (7:42) – Here comes the psychedelics at full force. This highly entertaining instrumental is so damn fluent and really takes control of you mindset, it makes you want get in the car and just hit the road. At 7:42 minutes long, it never changes pace and could be the stand out track, the five second shift to a prog-like ending is a tease and is the icing on the cake.

3. Meditaion (5:16) – A slumbering trippy affair that is very dense and expansive. The dense percussion slowly gives way to a more steadfast progressive style toward the last half of the song. It’s impressive how the band changed momentum effortlessly.

4. Drezina (19:55) – This is one hell of an entertaining song. It has a freeform style as the music goes in so many directions without confusing the listener. The layers are endless, for example the chimes in the beginning bring a sense of beauty to the rich psychedelics and the feedback works really well as it doesn’t overtake the song. The guitarist at times jams on his own planet while the bass and drums ground the song, than some psyched-out synths are introduced, all this happens within the first eleven minutes, brilliant! The song will soon give way to a relaxed, drug-induced psychedelic vibe to carry us to end.

Matushka are an unusual psychedelic rock outfit that brings something new to table. Crank this one up and let their psychedelic vibe take over, you won’t be disappointed. - 9/18/2015

Standout Tracks: As Bartenders and Bouncers Dance, Meditaion
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