Meet The Wolf
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Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Days of the New, Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge
Yes, another album cover that drew us in. So, we gave this one the required few rotations. The debut EP from Italy’s Meet The Wolf is a culmination of the bands listed above, they sound like a melting pot of many popular hard rock acts from the 90s to modern day. We’ll give a quick breakdown of this one.

1. Tequila (3:07) A rhythmic hard rock tune with Jerry Cantrell-like vocals. Not a bad song to begin our experience with the band, but it just feels unoriginal. We felt like throwing in some new Alice In Chains or Degradation Trip from Jerry.

2. Different or One (3:17) The worst song of the bunch, just a bland hard rock tune with a bit of metal guitar licks scattered throughout.

3. Bizarre Blizzard (3:30) Not sure what to make of this one. It displays good background vocals, a rhythmic bass and the toned down moments are quite pleasant. This could be the best song on the EP.

4. The Loner (1:29) A sort ditty of only guitar an distorted vocals.

5. Running for Nothing (4:44) This one kind of floats around a bit, not really going anywhere. The music is quite good as it would have made for a good instrumental.

Meet The Wolf are not very groundbreaking and though they have some good moments, we found it rather forgettable. We recommend streaming this one on their Bandcamp page first before committing to a purchase. - 5/16/2016

Standout Tracks:
Bizarre Blizzard
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