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Sounds Like:
Young the Giant, Maroon 5, Eyes On The Shore
Have you ever tasted the milk in the Netherlands? It is phenomenal and light years better than the milk harvested in the United States. While impressed with the milk, chocolate, croquettes, and smoked eels that Holland has been delivering for many years, we have also been impressed with their emerging music scene. Milkbar is a talented foursome that formed in 2010. They get their name from the very twisted Clockwork Orange novel and film famous drug laced milk bar scene. That being said, the band’s sound of the band’s latest album Moustache is anything but dark and twisted. Rather, the band evokes open sky sunshine and melody hooks that will brighten your day.

Lead singer Chris Murphy delivers an impressive performance on all eight tracks. His voice has charisma and reminds us of several US mainstream acts such as Maroon 5, Train, and Black Keys. We are very impressed with the versatility in his vocals and ability to delve from lower octave to high and vibrant falsetto. The lead guitar-work, supporting bass and percussion are tight and really let loose on the indie-pop


Chris Murphy - vocals
Derek de Beurs - guitar
Ralph de Beurs - bass guitar
Antonio Consilvio - drums

Track Listing:
1- Never Going Back 3:39
2- Song for the Sinners 3:39
3- Crazy 3:21
4- The King 3:23
5- Wasted 2:49
6- Bolo Ties 4:23
7- Don't Worry 3:36
8- All I Ever 3:31

What is our favorite track off the album to burn if you only had a few bucks to spare?
"All I Ever" a majestic ballad that harkens back to classic Counting Crows days. A very poignant track that will stay with you.

What is the most unique moment on the album?
Love the line "you smell like scented cocaine” on "Wasted" probably one of the most catchy tunes we have heard in a long time.

Does the album art reflect the music?
Not really. A bit quirky but certainly an attractive mannequin.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy this album?
Checkout the albums from Eyes on the Shore and Young Creatures on our website. Two phenomenal bands that deserve your attention and give off similar vibes as Milkbar.

Are there any weak moments that irk us on the album?

Yes… the elongated forcing of the word 'crazy' on the track "Crazy". Not only do we not like the overdone title, but as many pop rock artists do they force the melody that just irks us... ”crayayayaaaaazy”.

What adult beverage do we recommend you partake in while you preview this album?
Lowlander IPA, a fine Dutch craft beer with some bite!

What are our final thoughts for this album?
We are happy to have stumbled upon Milkbar. Moustache contains eight very infectious pop rock tunes that will improve your collection. With all the crazy genres popping up these days it is refreshing to cleanse the pallet with some straight shooting rock hooks and uplifting simplicity. - 7/17/2016

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