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Pavement, Modest Mouse, We Were Promised Jetpacks
Originating from Denmark, this quartet known as Mimas have released two albums and an ep to date. Their second full length, Lifejackets, is quirky and catchy like many indie bands today. However we see them take a step back a bit from their previous release The Worries, as this album balanced between indie rock and post rock really well, it was quite unique. It even dared to crossover into shoegaze territory. Now on Lifejackets, they slowly drift away from the post rock style and stick with a more traditional indie brand of music.

Mimas are a very talented bunch of musicians, as we hear this with the tight percussion and the plucking style of the guitars and bass. They also throw a trumpet and piano in for additional layering. The vocals are ok, as singer Snævar Njáll Albertsson, resembles Christian McNeill from the short lived 90’s band Schtum. Sometimes the vocals are too upfront, taking away from the music; they are best when all members chime in; it takes the attention off the singer.
"Rotting Rodents" is one of our favorite tracks on the album, starting off with some guitar distortion and low trumpet playing, setting up for a docile song and the vocals here are at their best. This leads right into "Vader in Burgos," another standout track, where the music takes over and the vocal chants just carry the song. "Touring The Riot Scene" starts off nicely and builds, the music is great, but the singer kind of takes control of the song, bringing it down a notch. We have our disagreements over the song "La Moustache Formidable"; it’s a perfect example of their quirkiness. We neither love it nor hate it and it’s just kind of catchy, so we’ll leave it at that.

Overall Lifejackets is a decent album; so we’ll turn this one to the middle of the dial at 5.5. We’re unsure of the direction the band is taking as they continue to explore their indie roots. It will be interesting to see where they go, but in the meantime, give them a listen; they will inject some fresh songs into your indie playlist. - 3/5/2014

Standout Tracks: Vader in Burgos, Rotting Rodents
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