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Indie, Pop
Sounds Like:
Flaming Lips, Of Montreal, Ween
Eccentric pop rock with a boat load of high tones (and twinkles) along with a 70's subtle under-current. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Minden's, first full-length album is a painful listen. The incessant high-pitched flamboyant vocals of Casey Burge grind away at the listener and unfortunately overshadow some of the catchy hooks that get dulled by the redundancy and annoying tones.

Minden achieve their polyester feel and sound as if they are the stepchild of the hipster pop sensations Of Montreal. Polyester laden with actually pretty good song-writing. Lyrics that are apparently going for some sort of sensual sultry other worldly feel. We gave this album more than its share of listens and it clearly falls flat. The falsetto overload is excruciating and really dulls the senses. There are very little breaks and the guitar and percussion sections never get their day. The best track on the album is "Getting Off",  yes the worst titled song, but also the least annoying with only slashes of falsetto. The track actually has some legs with its mellow movements and lazy tones. One track unfortunately does not make an album... and for that reason, we are out. - 1/21/14

Standout Track:
Getting Off
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