Minus Green
Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
My Sleeping Karma, Monkey 3
Austria has been churning out some terrific bands lately as it seems to be a breeding ground for the next wave of stoner psyche rock bands. From the city of Vienna, welcome newcomers Minus Green and their debut Self-Titled album. If you fancy bands like My Sleeping Karma or Monkey 3 than these guys are right up your alley. What makes this album special is the instrumentation; it is just so damn fluent and vibrant. It may only be four songs, but they are four lengthy rich sounding instrumentals that will flow effortlessly through speakers.

Track Listing:
1. Ashlinks Back 09:50
2. Cincinnati Rope 07:37
3. Granada Playing 12:00
4. Alien Surf 08:21

Often when we immerse ourselves in these types of instrumental rock albums it can be impossible to put into words how colorful and dynamic these albums can be and Minus Green is no different. From the moment we were introduced to the band, we were instantly hooked. Right from the get-go you’ll be impressed with the opening track “Ashlinks Back.” You’ll notice the clean production as all the instruments have their place and nothing gets overshadowed. The guitars are crisp and raw, the bass is deep and rhythmic while the drums provide a powerful, yet sturdy foundation for the music. This album is all about infectious hooks and tight rhythms, it can be repetitive at times, but this is not a bad thing, the repetitive nature is alluring and keeps you captivated.

The steady flow continues with inspirational “Cincinnati Rope” and its exceptional guitars, we like how they keep this song on a moderate pace. It’s great for any daily activity, whether you’re out for a jog or enjoying a daytime hike, it just feels right. The lengthy “Grananda Playing” shows the patience of the band, they don’t feel the need to rush into the heaviness. The song takes time to build and the heaviness comes into play naturally like the change of seasons. The last cut “Alien Surf” is a pure stoner rock enthusiast’s delight. It’s soft, heavy, crunchy, spacey, and very rhythmic, it basically has it all. The song keeps building and building to a crescendo of all-out atmospheric stoner rock ending.

Band Members:
Daniel - guitar
Lukas - guitar
Clemens - bass
Bernhard - drums

Minus Green are the real deal, we see a tremendous future for the band as the music is too good to go unnoticed. Its bands like this that keep us moving forward and why we love what we do, constantly searching for new artists flying under the radar. - 3/4/2016

Standout Tracks: Cincinnati Rope, Granada Playing, Alien Surf
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