Moonlight Bride
(Twin Lakes)
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Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and the Bunnymen
This four-piece band out of Chattanooga, Tennessee have crafted an interesting alternative album that leaves us a bit frustrated. Twin Lakes, released in 2012 is not a terrible album; it just lags from time to time. The music is soft and airy, combining elements of alternative rock and easy sounding feedback, creating somewhat of a shoegaze vibe from time to time. As for the vocals, they are just ordinary, we actually liked when they were distant and the music was able to take control. The musicianship on the album is good and that’s why this has been in our rotation for quite some time. The frustrating part of this album is that each song actually has some shining moments to lure us in, but they are far and few in-between. Leaving us with an album that will surely fade out of our minds.  

Twin Lakes has only five songs to offer, so it goes by rather quickly. We start things off with "Diego," this track has a lofty, upbeat rhythm reminiscent to the 90’s alternative band For Love Not Lisa.  The vocals here are too upfront, as mentioned earlier, we like then when they are toned down. The last half of the song develops into a soft alternative jam, which is one of the shining moments on the album. On "Lemonade," the vocals are better; they are pulled back a bit, letting the music speak as the song has a nice airy vibe. This song just transitions right into "Versinthe," it’s actually a two and a half minutes of shoegaze  feedback with distorted vocals (another shining moment). The relaxed "Drug Crimes" is probably the best cut off the album; it is easy on the ears with its echoed vocals, catchy percussion and the underlying use of feedback. Closing things out is "And the Death Ship Has a New Captain," this track tends to drag on a bit; however, we do like the use of the anthem-like backing vocals.

Moonlight Bride is not breaking any new ground with Twin Lakes, and even though there are some redeeming qualities here, it just seems to be forgettable. They will draw in fans of alternative music and we will keep our ears open to their future releases. Hopefully they can breakthrough and sharpen their somewhat unique sound. - 4/23/2014

Standout Tracks: Drug Crimes
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