Mother Engine
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Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock, Krautrock
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Colour Haze, Kyuss, Elder
The latest installment inside the innovative world of Mother Engine continues with their third album entitled Hangar. The three-piece from Germany had floored us with their first two releases, Muttermascine and Absturtz, displaying some of the finest instrumental stoner rock since Karma To Burn graced our presence. Muttermascine bled stoner jazz exploration while Absturtz honed in on jaw-dropping fretwork. The backdrop and concept for Hangar borders on brilliance. Four tracks clocking in at 1 hour and 17 minutes painting an industrial futuristic landscape.

Mother Engine has taken their sound to more exploratory atmospheres on Hangar. The band continues to evolve and expand their vision before our very own ears. What we love about this album is the fluidity of each song and how they tie into one another so effortlessly. Cornelius, Christian and Chris show more patience and willingness to go beyond the traditional stoner themes. We receive a potpourri of influences to be heard such as Kyuss, Colour Haze and Samsara Blues Experiment to name a few. Yet the trio somehow deliver an intangible all to their own. We urge you to crack open your favorite beverage, crank this mother up and join us on our journey as we dive deeper into Hangar.

Let’s explore these four lengthy tracks of stoner rock euphoria.
Hangar opens with the soft and majestic instrumental of “Prototyp”. Running at 18:23 long, this track has a grand Post-rock sound within the first eight minutes, than kicks into a ripple effect stoner onslaught. This is one hell of an opening tune and we knew we had something special here, envision Colour Haze on a jam session with the gents from Russian Circles. The second cut “Biosp(i)rit” (18:08) has a stoned Krautrock vibe throughout. After beginning with a soft tribal percussion the song slowly builds toward an absorbing psychedelic  stoner path.

Be patient with the third jam “Tokamak” as it weighs in at an impressive 21:28 minutes. The meandering start will build towards a majestic psychedelic jam session.  This track takes the listener on a journey through various avenues of rich stoner psychedelia. Around the 8:30 mark we are treated to a brass section, what a pleasant turn of events, adding a bit of jazz to this music is a brilliant touch. The last four minutes are some of the most mesmerizing heavy jams we have laid our ears upon so far this year. The last tune, “Weihe/Leerlauf” (19:17) is a monumental psychedelic Karuatrock-inspired jam. The music is very broad as they begin to travel towards space rock territories.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock made by German brewery Aying . This 6.70% (ABV) medium body Dopplebock has a fairly sweet aroma of caramel and molasses. The taste is a tad boozy and sweet with some bitterness. The perfect companion on your journey while listening to Hangar.

Final thoughts on Hangar.
We have been tossing and turning over the past few weeks regarding which Mother Engine album takes the top spot. Some of us love their debut album while others gravitate towards Absturtz. Hangar is in its own realm requiring patience and time to truly grasp the band’s vision. At a certain point a light bulb will flicker on and clarity arrives to the listener. Like a fine wine or perfectly aged bonsai tree they come into their own. The bottom line is Mother Engine have become a true psychedelic stoner entity that is forging a new path in the instrumental rock genre. They have become a staple in our rotation, and we have no doubt fans of all forms of heavy rock will gravitate towards Hangar. - 11/11/2107

1. Prototyp 18:23
2. Biosp(i)rit 18:08
3. Tokamak 21:28
4: Weihe/Leerlauf 19:17

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