Motor Sister
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Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Giant, Harem Scarem, Badlands
Looking for an album where a high percentage of the songs end with a culmination drum and guitar avalanche coupled with your uncontrolled urge to say "yowzer"? Or perhaps some key cliche, proverb or catch phrases like "Beg Borrow Steel" or "Fork in the Road"? Or how about your standard 90's.... let's end this album with an acoustic finale track that morphs into electric? Welcome Motor Sister the creation of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian.

Blend some Loverboy with the prowess of Giant and perhaps a tinge of some Jackyl along with a heavy serving of your local town blues rock attraction that plays every Thursday night at the local yocal and you have a pretty good idea of what you will get as you listen to this gritty humorous twelve song LP. Certain to evoke some smiles for your listening pleasure with lines like...."I wanna love you baby but you know you drive me crazy" reiterated on the track "Doghouse" along with that retro rock.... "I'm reckless and want you to know about my trouble with women theme that reverberates throughout.

Frankly, our music society needs such acts to keep alive that comfort and simplicity that lived during the late 80s and throughout the 90s. Call it fist pumping comfort hard rock, Ian has pulled together a ragtag crew and put forth a band that really has no shot in hell to gain momentum or pull out from the depths of obscurity. We appreciate his love for the era, but it is quite a task to pull this style music back out of the doldrums and make it happen again. The band was developed by Ian and his wife Pearl Aday (daughter of the musician turned actor- Meatloaf). Joining along for the 'Ride' is drummer John Tempesta (of White Zombie and the Cult fame) along with bassist Joey Vera from Armored Saint and backbone Jim Wilson on guitar and vocals from a band called Mother Superior.

Track Listing:
1. A-Hole
2. This Song Reminds Me of You
3. Beg Borrow Steal
4. Fool Around
5. Get That Girl
6. Head Hanging Low
7. Fork in the Road
8. Little Motor Sister
9. Pretty in the Morning
10. Whore
11. Doghouse
12. Devil Wind

While our heart was warmed for a few minutes throughout the rotations of this album as we reflected back on the era and genre, this album lacks substance. Sub-par guitar-work and laughable lyrics make this a painful listen. The songs also have no continuity or flow. Jim Wilson's vocals are also ho hum run of the mill local bar quality which ultimately makes this one hard to get through our requisite rotations. - 5/9/2015

Standout Tracks: Devil Wind
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