Mount Eerie
(Clear Moon)
Crank this to 8 of 11
Ambient, Indie, Folk
Sounds Like:
Sigur Ros, Bon Iver
Creator Phil Elverum, an up and coming modern day Trent Reznor in the ambient folk world, puts together a great work collaborating with various artists. This is a tough album to review in that it is difficult to put into words the moods evoked by Mount Eerie on Clear Moon. If you like Sigur Ros and want music that will transform you to another place and conjure up images of barren landscapes, desolation, or wherever your imagination might take you.  This is the type of album where you can close your eyes and let your mind take you. Great to crank up on a rainy or snowy day and just stare out the window.

Elverum does a great job using occasional poignant guitar showing considerable highs and lows for such a mellow album.  The album was apparently recorded in an old church, newly transformed studio and is filled with ominous syths and ambient tones that will send chills throughout. Elverum’s vocals are soothing  and really shine when accompanied by Allyson Foster. Allyson’s vocals are primarily feature on "Through The Trees Pt. 2" and "Over Dark Water". "Lone Bell" is another great tune utilizing  the baratone sax to underscore various dark images. Our favorite track is ‘Over Dark Water’ which starts off with heavy slow guitar-work. Allyson chimes in with riveting echo and the harmonies kick in. A bit depressing, but a very unique song with cool percussion work. If you enjoy the mood Sigur Ros puts you in, but would like something a little more tangible with tighter melodies that you can put your arms around, check this one out.

Clear Moon
is a keeper and well deserved of our top 20 albums of 2012.

Standout Tracks:
Lone Bell, Over Dark Water
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