Mountain Dust
(Nine Years)
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Blues, Rock, Metal
Sounds Like:
Graveyard, Witchcraft
Quebec natives Mountain Dust meld powerful vocals and a shit ton of energy on their latest album entitled Nine Years. Having released a demo EP and a  two-song ditty back in 2013/2014, July 15th 2016 marks the release of their first full length. Mountain Dust do a nice job paying homage to the Swedish blues rock scene. We find that Mountain Dust is at their best when they jam and let the instruments breathe. There are a few tracks on the album where the vocals dominate (e.g. Evil Deeds), but overall Nine Years is quite the trip.

Track Listing:
1. Evil Deeds (4:26)
2. Aveline (4:36)
3. Running Fool (4:26)
4. Tale of the Red Rain (6:07)
5. Dead Queen (8:53)
6. Lonely War (4:11)
7. Nine Years (7:33)

Brendan Mainville
Hal Jaques
Blair Youngblut
Patrick Bennett
The spirit of Ken Kiggins

What is our favorite track off the album to burn if you only had a few bucks to spare??
Without question "Dead Queen" is the standout track for us. The band does a wonderful job bringing things down and allowing the lead vocals to culminate. The slide guitar adds a great deal of warmth to the track as well. Great grooves on this one. Well worth your time.

What is the most unique moment on the album?
Our second favorite track, "Lonely War," branches out and delivers the most unique moment with the use of some brilliant cello work and trumpet. The squeaky clean acoustic guitar work combined with some chilling harmony make for a very pleasant listen. Checkout the dramatic bellow... “its a lonely war!” at about the 2:25 mark... impressive. And let's not forget about the guest vocals of Dead Quiet singer Kevin Keegan on "Aveline".

Does the album art reflect the music?
Kudos to Travis Driscoll’s fine work. This is what initially drew us in. The sultry feel very much reflects the vibe and energy in this album. We look forward to hopefully seeing some more of Travis’ work and perhaps featuring him on our Homage to the Artist page.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy this album?
Witchcraft’s 2016 album Nucleus is something very very special. If you do not own this shame on you, pick it up ASAP.

What adult beverage do we recommend you partake in while you preview this album?
Vodka Side Car with Canadian distilled Crystal Head vodka.

What are our final thoughts for Nine Years?
We admire the fervor that Mountain Dust deliver on this album. The lead vocalist has tremendous pipes and the band has a fair amount of chemistry. Our recommendation would be for the band to keep more on the vein and vibe of "Dead Queen" and to not be afraid to branch out further into the “Lonely War” territory. They have the talent to differentiate themselves amongst the Swedish rock legends albeit they are in Canada. We encourage you to pick this one up and put it in heavy rotation. - 7/25/2016

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