My Drunken Haze
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Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Quilt, The Living Kills, Holy Wave
As we weed through thousands of obscure titles and releases, we tend to gravitate towards album covers and band names that may be offering up something different and unique. This one could have gone the heavy raunchy route or even the space rock euphoria route given the cover and band name. Instead the product is a very mellow and meandering 60s psychedelic debut rock album. My Drunken Haze is a quintet hailing from Athens Greece featuring the female pipes of Spir Frelini.  

The album features nine warm and dreamy tracks taking you through a very laid back journey. Much of the album paints serene landscape and attempts to whisk the listener away from the realities of today.

1. Carol Wait (3:12) - Probably the catchiest most 'radio friendly track off the album. The organ backdrop compliments the pop appeal within the song and conjures up images of 60s geometric skirts and textured stockings. Frelini's voice morphs into some distortion which we would have loved to hear more of throughout the album.

2. Gambling Woman (3:05) - Solid bass lines and Chuck Berry like guitar licks start us off in the right direction. Spiraling guitar-work develops nicely towards the end of the track.

3. Yellow Balloon (3:06) - Acoustic guitar strumming drives this track as Frelini's voice really invokes a pop 60s appeal. Not enough mixing up of tempos on this track as we find ourselves a bit bored particularly with the doldrum-like and repetitive lyrics.

4. Girl Who Looks Like a Boy (3:11) -
Perhaps the most psychedelic and spacious intro off the album, but the track morphs back into almost an extension of Yellow Balloon. The title intrigues us to listen closer to the lyrics, but we really only uncover a very superficial them. We do enjoy the revisit to spacial concepts at about the two minute mark.

6. Pleasing Illusions (7:30) - The longest track off the album offers up a very soft and slow build. The track does a nice job relaxing the listener. Perhaps we are confusing relaxation for boredom, but nonetheless not much deviation on this track.

6. Reflections Of Your Mind (4:24) - Love the dirty bass-work and distant guitar-work that develops on this track. In our opinion this is the strongest and most original track off the album. Frelini does a nice job mixing up her tone and inflections to intrigue the listener. The change-ups are excellent and soft morphing into acoustic guitar-work is impressive. Well done.

7. Paper Planes (4:04) - The production on this track seems to stand-out on this track. Frelini's voice and the use of echo are inviting. The bass is clearer and concise. Overall a very solid dream pop track. Less 60s and more dream-pop on this one.

8. I Wanna Dream Again (5:44) - Back to the 60s on this one as the low-budget keyboards take control as this track splits into Pink Floyd mode and then back to 60s. We had difficulty with the drastic swings in style on this one.

9. Endless Fairytale (4:46) - The eerie introduction perked us up a bit. This is a classic slow build-up song and not a bad closing track. The culmination bursts into atmospheric spray.

Overall My Drunken Haze's first release lacks consistent quality. Several very boring tracks really derail the album from gaining any momentum for the listener. Reflections of Your Mind is really more of the direction the band should take things as they begin to think about their sophomore release. Felini and her band members certainly have talent. We would just suggest that they hone their sound more and look to avoid filler tracks that meander and lack punch or direction. - 9/14/2015

Standout Tracks: Carol Wait, Endless Fairytale
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