My Expansive Awareness
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Psychedelic rock, Shoegaze
Sounds Like:
Swervedriver, Sleepy Sun
A hidden gem usually refers to a treasure, prize, jewel, or pearl that is rare. Follow us as we travel to Zaragoza, Spain to find My Expansive Awareness (MEA). The five member ensemble is considered to be a mix of Neopsychedelic rock and Space rock. Their music is very expansive (no pun intended), and extremely vibrant, think The Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Swervedriver.

Their debut EP, Uroboros sounds as if it was recorded in analog, giving it a live unpolished feel contributing to the overall special vibe. With swirling guitars, tripped out synths, flowing bass and infectious drums, we become engaged in the psychedelic compositions pleasantly bestowed upon us. The vocals of lead singer José Briceño are laid back and fit within the style of the music really well. Jose is accompanied by female vocalist, Lucía Escudero, who provides a soothing touch and originality to the album. The voices feed off each really taking things to the next level.

Kicking things off is "Up And Down," which is entrancing by its mid-tempo shoegaze style that just flows along at a steady pace. "Darkness" continues this style, where Lucía Escudero has lead vocals here; mixing things up a bit, this song also has a feeling of the first Verve album, which to this day has not lost its luster. Track three, the aptly titled "Space" is a spaced-out track that just takes off from the get-go and never looks back, easily one of the prime cuts off the album. This song has a Farflung vibe to it, especially within the bass. "Garage Marihuana" has a different feel than the other cuts on the album, it's upbeat and has a 60’s flare to it, taking us away from the shoegaze sound.

We delve back into the psych rock with "Light," this song is mesmerizing with the echoed vocals and its soft laid back rhythm. Ending Uroboros is the instrumental "Mr. Bamboo," with some deep bass work to start things off, than the drums begin to follow along at a steady pace. The song tends to pick up its pace as it moves along, it’s a sweet jam to end the album.

My Expansive Awareness is definitely an obscure band with very promising talent and a bright future; they define what our site is all about. Be sure to give them a listen, no matter what style of music you’re into, they will expand your playlist. - 3/9/2014

Standout Tracks: Space, Light
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