Myraid Drone
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Post rock, Atmospheric metal
Sounds Like:
God is an Astronaut, Russian Circles, Red Sparrowes
Myraid Drone from Melbourne, Australia are not your traditional instrumental Post-rock band. Yes, they have all the elements needed for this style of rock, yet they have found a way to break the mold and stand out among their peers. That’s what we look for here at Rotation11, bands who can take their music to other levels in their respective genres. This EP is quite impressive for a debut, the song structures have a mature style of writing and they know exactly the direction they want to take their music. At times it’s sonically heavy and other times it’s spacious and uplifting. These guys have given us a one hell of a monumental post/atmospheric rock album that should start to make waves in 2016.

What are the highlights of the album?
Sometimes there is no clear answer to this question as each song it is filled with blissful post-rock and atmospheric heaviness. The songs are not too long or even very short. Often Post-rock songs can drag on for 15 minutes or so, not here, the average song is between 5 and 7 minutes. So, if we have to pick some highlights, let’s start with “The Weightless Ton”. A perfect name for this track as the bass is bottomless and deep, the drums halfway through are insane, plus we are treated to minimal synth work, it’s a heavy trippy affair. “Stay Low, Stay Quiet” is another standout track. The song starts with some inspiring, beautiful Post-rock than out of nowhere it spirals into an avalanche of classic ISIS-like metal rhythms. A theatrical remake of composer Angelo Badalament’s Twin Peaks theme song “The White Lodge (Laura Palmer’s Theme)” is tremendous and should be played at high volumes to get the full effect.

How is the production value?

Excellent, this EP was written, recorded and mixed entirely by guitarist Shamus Maximus. Each instrument is played to a high standard, the band does not cut corners as they let the music breathe and take on a life of its own. The bass and drums are outstanding, they provide the album with its heaviness and the guitars give us that majestic Post-rock touch.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Saranac Summer Pils. This crisp German-styled pilsner is the perfect complement to Myraid Drone.

What are our final thoughts on Myraid Drone?

It’s hard to believe this is their debut EP, it sounds as if they have been at it for many, many years, it shows what good chemistry can bring us. If Post-rock is your thing, we urge you to pick this one up without hesitation. We are also looking forward to their full length; in the meantime, we’ll just soak this one up.


1. The Nuptial Flight 07:44
2. Stay Low, Stay Quiet 06:19
3. Where the Black Planets Roll Without Aim 07:13
4. The Weightless Ton 07:34
5. The White Lodge (Laura Palmer's Theme) 05:53

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